Chances not playing fair

I have been going to chances to have some fun since it opened,i supported it to
come to Rupert as it has done so much for prince George 3.2 million a year to
the city and to local sports,i just cant see anyone really coming out ahead at
all here as 1 out of 10 times i leave with out making anything in George you see
folks doing pretty good then one guy told me the pay out in Rupert is 90% to the
house and 10% to the players i thought that’s not fair he said it goes according to
the cost of recovery to keep the doors open they need to make so much in return.
10 million last year just in gaming that’s were all the money is going in town and the daily
news is just another victim,they need to be more fair in there payouts I’m well off and
play alittle i watched a guy lose 4 thousand in 15 minutes and he cried  in front of me
he said he spent 35 thousand in 2 months and he cant figure out why he cant win he
banned himself for a year to recover its really scary how much folks lose in that place
i hope they bring in more help for people like that but i feel they just need to be more fair

Chances should never have been let into the town. All it’s doing is hurting the local small businesses and restaurants. Hmm…I have $15 extra…lunch, buy that t-shirt or go throw it on a slot machine. Bet you 7 times out of 10 the extra cash ends up in Chances.

You kill me, you really kill me.

Incoming dose of reality: in gambling, it is not about “fairness”, it is about the law of probabilities. The games are designed so that you lose more often than you win; that is how they stay in business.

To anybody who goes in there expecting to leave with more money than they start with, all that I have to say is, I have a lovely bridge for sale…great location, and I’ll give you a deal: the bridge AND a couple of mailboxes. :smiley:


it’s gambling, since when has gambling ever been fair?
You walk into that door, and you take a chance. Funny, the name of the place is called CHANCES… Imagine that…

There’s no problem with having a gambling establishment anywhere. It’s the peoples fault that they choose to waste all of their money on stupid gambling games. The casino just makes the profit. And if it wasn’t here, there’s still millions every year being spent on Keno, lottery tickets, scratch and wins.

DO we blame the Liquor establishments for the drunks? The drug dealers for the addicts? Gambling compulsively is a process addiction. It’s in the same category as alcohol and drug addiction. People need to start taking responsibility for their issues. The Casino didn’t make them come in and spend their hard earned cash, they made that choice themselves. There is help out there for addictions…

I understand that but they need to be more fair lets say 70 30 payout at
lest some folks would walk out happy.

What if it’s strip poker? O_O

I am a Casino’s worst nightmare. I’ll play until I’ve lost $20 then nurse the same beer for hours taking up a table in front of the tv until she’s finished. 75% of the time it takes her four hours to lose $30-$40. 25% of the time she wins and she would’ve made more in the long run if she took the same amount of hours in extra shifts at Overwaitea…
If I liked hearing ding-ding-ding I could play flash slots or PacMan on my computer at home, the food would be better and I could pick the tv channel too.

“One guy” told you the payout in Prince Rupert? Do Casino’s EVER talk about payouts? To anyone? Who is this guy who told you and how the hell does he know the payouts?

Also give your head a shake. Fair in a Casino? You can’t possibly think that any casino is fair. If you do, then you should do a voluntary ban of yourself because you are exactly the client they want.

There is a bclc tec here in Rupert he sets the machines so its the govt that
really takes the big share but chances could say cut Rupert nice folks a break.

There is a bclc tec here in Rupert he sets the machines so its the govt that
really takes the big share but chances could say cut Rupert nice folks a break.

I would be curious about the information you received.  Casinos make money.  There is no way over time that the casino will lose.

Slot machine payouts are usually over 90%, not the 10% you have suggested.  Top casinos that see a lot of action can payout in the 95-98% range because a small % on a lot of money is A LOT of money.  Smaller casinos with less action will have lower payouts but nothing close to 10%.  If the payout is less than 90%, you should probably go home.

The intersting part is that even after making 10 million last year alone chances
could not pay there taxes,were does all there money go?

The place should never have been allowed to open in Prince Rupert.

Anyone who understands grade 3 math would never go in there.  It is very simple, if you gamble the odds are set in favour of the house.  The more you gamble the more you will lose.

The problem is the people who gamble there are financially illiterate, and they are the very ones who can least afford to lose their money.  One guy I saw there (I was invited there twice for lunch not to gamble but both times I went there for lunch I saw him doing video gambling) has no job and his wife works at minimum wage to support him and their kid.  Still he is stupid enough to blow his wife’s money at Chances.

Bottom line is this place rakes in money from the lower socio-economic strata of our society who are too stupid to know better.  I think there should be laws to protect these people as they are not capable of protecting themselves.

I agree, the casino should never have opened here.  However, the casino is a legal business, so buyer beware.  That being said the government could shell out more cash to support gambling addicts (like that is going to happen).  :smile:

In a bet there is a fool and a thief.  ~Proverb

The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.  ~Kin Hubbard

Darwinism… If they’re too stupid, why should we pay for them? LOL

Gambling is not always positively correlated with intelligence.  We are talking about addiction.  That is, highly intelligent people can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling.  Be thankful that you do not have an addictive personality.  Addicts deserve our support, not scorn.

That was a very crafty way of calling her unintelligent :wink:

If this is true, I wonder if his empoyers or the Casino’s want him spreading around the payout numbers? Do you think it’s healthy for his career to have it known in a public forum?