Chances Casino Landscaping

I posted a topic some time ago about why some downtown businesses were content to look like a ghetto in Haiti.
Most responses were in favor of seeing some positive change while others ( mostly owners of the worst) were intent on making excuses about not being able to afford to spruce things up.
Today however, I am going to ask the question of why Chances Casino who reported something like 10 million dollars in revenue in their first year are content with the exterior of their business to remain void of anything but weeds and rocks for landscaping?
I had assumed they would like the place to look nice by now but they appear to be following suit with the ghetto look for the long term.
Has anyone from this establishment got anything to say about their apparent lack of care for the exterior of the place?
Just wondering.

Also just wondering … wasn’t there a financial (tax?) incentive with the city for Chances to complete their project, including the landscaping?

Chances still has to pay off the cost of its construction.  They are in the red when it comes to that.  The local charities , members of the Prince Rupert Bingo Association, who receive gaming funds from the BC government own 10% of the gaming center but haven’t received any dividends from its operation because of the debt that the center still has.

Good to know and that explains things, a Little anyhow.
Thing is, how much does a bag of grass seed cost anyhow?? They could clean things up a bit at minimal cost and not leave the outside looking like crap until they are in the black…just my opinion.
If every business in town waited till they were flush with extra cash things would look even worse than they do. Hell, City Hall is dead broke and in debt too, but at least they spruce up their digs, it’s called Civic Pride.

I think it’s also important to consider that landscaping wouldn’t be a one time cost. One would assume that they’d have to have an extra employee or two–perhaps just seasonally–to maintain any grass or gardens.

Ah for what they charge for a hamburger, they can spring for a few blades of grass on the outside! :imp:

which is part of business and should be mandatory to properly keep up a property in the “heart” or downtown and along the route that so many cruise ship passengers use

Dosnt chances have to pay 10 percent to city every year?last year
10 million thats 1 million were is it?

We have a Casino :confused: :confused:

Yes, I had heard that there would be money from the Casino for all sorts of cultural events, school projects, city improvements, gambling problem support groups etc.
Does this only happen when they realize a profit?
Would sure like to know what the status of that place will be and what has to happen until we see some improvements around their property. It seems to me that they have a strangle hold on the entertainment, catering and beverage serving business in town. I am ok with them doing all that because my hat is off to anyone who can run a successful business.
I don’t like to hear a pile of BS stating that they have to generate a debt free operation before making their place look like the intended design however.
By the way, is anyone benefiting from the bingo proceeds yet?

I had heard a year ago or more that they had hired one of the local small landscapers.  Rumor had it she was waiting for some special trees or some such thing.  It is a shame that a business right downtown and on the tourist trail as you say is so neglectful - its no suprise we give tourists such a bad impression of town and they don’t want to return.  Come on Chances…step up to the plate!