Champions League

I just watched the Real Madrid vs Manchester City game. Probably the most exciting second half I’ve ever seen in a soccer match. Clutch goals by Benzema and, of course, Ronaldo.
MiG, are you dancing right now?

Hehe, yeah. Benzema’s first goal this year, perfect timing. Especially considering how awful Madrid’s Spanish League start has been.

How I felt:

Group of death! The Spanish, English, German and Dutch champions all in one group.

Last time Madrid won the Champions League was also the year Manchester City were promoted to the Premier League.

Hahaha. Mourinho sure is an expressive coach. I saw that in the game and it was awesome.

I think I’m gonna watch more soccer now. Last year’s NHL playoffs left a sour taste in my mouth and the current disaster succeeded in making me throw up.

I’m sure there are big problems with soccer :wink: but I don’t care. I don’t watch that many sports on tv. Baseball is sometimes interesting but I’m not a fan. Basketball is exciting but I’m not really into it. Football has too many commercials. Soccer has very boring stretches due to an imbalance between good defense and good offense but every now and then, there are brillant sequences like today’s game and like Canada-USA at the Olympics that rival very good hockey in my mind.

And the soccer sports news at this time are showing game sequences instead of a struggle between owners and players.

So MiG, you might be able to remind me when there are good games worth watching. Remember the 4 hours time difference too.

Sadly, Al Jazeera has bought the rights to La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), and Ligue 1 (France) in Canada and the USA. But they don’t have a Canadian channel. Just an American one called BeIN sports.

So there’s no strictly legal way to watch those leagues in Canada. I follow La Liga pretty close, so I have to watch using Sopcast and our nice Romanian and Russian friends. There’s never any shortage of streams. Check out and they always have match threads with streams posted. You can watch live on and

Meanwhile, Sportsnet seems to be carrying the Champions League, which is great. That’s probably the most competitive soccer competition in the world. But it’s not really league, and the games are only every month or so. There are games on tomorrow. … ons_League

Wikipedia rocks for following sports.

I really like the Spanish league just because games come on at a decent hour (even for the East Coast), and they’re usually on Saturday or Sunday. So you can follow a team by watching an afternoon game on the weekend. No need to get up at 6am like some of the English Premier League fans out there.

My wife came to the family room when they were showing Mourinho’s slide. “He will have green knees.” was her comment. I guess she didn’t think about the turf;-)
I don’t watch much stuff on the net but I might give it a try sometimes. Sportsnet has Chelsey-Juventus tomorrow. I guess they felt that this would be the closer contest. Barcelona and Man U are also playing.
I guess Madrid pretty much dominated today. Very impressive as City was a formidable team last year.

Manchester City won the Premier League last year in the last minute of the last game. Awesome stuff. Beat their arch-enemies Manchester United with a goal at the very last possible second.

The surface at the Bernabéu is actually real grass with artificial fiber used at the roots. This stuff:

So it will stain! These guys are very picky about their surfaces. They had to put grass over the turf at Yankee Stadium this summer. They didn’t want to play on the baseball-style turf.

Chelsea are title holders, but Juventus hasn’t lost a league match in a long long time. Should be great. The other games will be streaming all over the place too. I’ll probably watch the Benfica one.

Did you slide on your knees this time MiG? Hat trick for Ronaldo!!! I didn’t watch the game but saw the results on the official website. Real Madrid is on a mission! Man U is also doing well.

Two games and two hat tricks this week! And no matter how awesome that was, watch this: … id-v-ajax/

Play starts with Callejon, the right winger, passing across. Notice where Benzema (the striker) is when the play starts – almost at his own 18-yard box. And who takes the ball up the field? Marcelo, the left-back. Kaká filling in for the right-winger makes the awesome pass, and Benzema meanwhile has run all the way up the field to score the awesome overhead goal.

I’d have to say Real Madrid are the best counter-attacking side in the world right now.

Not that Ajax was a pushover, as they are the Dutch champions, but the real challenge is on Sunday in Barcelona. With Madrid 8 points behind already, a loss there would probably mean losing their Spanish title.