Cell service (Rogers down?)

Anyone have any ideas as to why the cel service in town is out, at least for those with Rogers phones?  Is Citywest service down as well?

Rogers seemed to be messed up yesterday too.  Maybe the tower fell over!  haha

My CityWest cell seems to be working fine though.

Well there’s more than one tower, so I doubt it’s that.

Both my speakout and one Rogers phones not connecting.

Ironically, I’m posting this with my iPhone via wifi.

Last night my phone started to beep and it switched over to emergency service only.

My CityWest phone is also working.

When it rains it pours!

Hehe, the HTMF server has a corrupt database table, gonna back up and repair.  HTMF will be wonky for a bit.

any update re: restoration of service with Rogers?

Anybody call them?  It’s Sunday, so I doubt you’ll get an answer.

I’ll bet it’s because of the avalanche situation on the Skeena.  The line may have been cut?

I have no internet besides HTMF so I wonder what’s up with that.

Pages are loading fine for me… it’s been a bit slow here and there, but I can access outside sites.

Internet is fine over here too, photoguy, a bit slow though.

I’m thinking the two are related.  My guess is the fiber line from here to Terrace has been cut by whatever closed the road.

I can’t get to PLnet sites from the school district, which is also through the fiber line, I think.

Yeah, I was in briefly at work and there’s no Internet access.  I tested my LAN and I could print to my network printer so the network is okay.

I get some pages loading now but most aren’t including this reply I’ve tried send twice.

[codetraceroute hackingthemainframe.com traceroute to hackingthemainframe.com (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 (  5.606 ms  0.980 ms  0.907 ms 2 (  1.730 ms  2.262 ms  1.752 ms 3  FastEthernet0-1-2.mrg1.navigata.net (  4.028 ms  3.009 ms  2.773 ms 4  Serial1-0.sin1.navigata.net (  3.534 ms  4.035 ms  3.475 ms 5  et-6-2-vdr1.navigata.net (  10.839 ms  6.392 ms  8.258 ms 6  ATM4-0-0-42.vgs2.navigata.net (  14.497 ms  22.753 ms  18.013 ms 7 (  15.389 ms  16.258 ms  21.813 ms 8 (  20.493 ms  14.432 ms  19.536 ms 9  navigata-van-gw.peer1.net (  16.753 ms  27.000 ms  22.012 ms 10 (  18.115 ms  26.054 ms  14.808 ms 11 (  26.286 ms  23.702 ms  29.641 ms 12  pop.total.net (  40.715 ms  27.635 ms  27.227 ms 13 (  41.776 ms  43.571 ms  40.282 ms 14  Citytel-gw-PR.rupert.net (  44.230 ms  37.806 ms  36.374 ms 15  5conn25.rupert.net (  48.719 ms  56.276 ms  43.734 ms
then it stalls… but I managed to post this…

BTW I’ve been told by the kids I sent to knock ice of my transmitters that Rogers built their tower directly inline between my tower and the customers. I’ll be headed up there with a camera to see if that’s actually the case as we’ve been having a LOT of troubles on that link. I hope that’s not the case.

Citywest traffic is probably being re-routed from the cable to the microwave link?  Over capacity?

I dunno, I’m just full of speculation today. 

Anyone know if the Citywest fiber connection to Terrace is down?

ok, so an anonymous source tells me that the problem with Rogers phones (and 7-11 Speakout and Fido) is that the main site at the highliner wasn’t prepared for this weather we’re having.  The melting snow caused some damage to equipment, and someone is on the way to fix it.  Since the Rogers towers all connect through the highliner, none of them are working.

and now all the power is out at the highliner and the coast and surrounding 2nd and 3rd ave buisnesses, so we might not get cell service for awhile

Our DSL Internet is working sporadically. We can access some sites around the world, can’t access others.

And I can’t connect to the WOW login server, and we were supposed to raid at 5:30 :frowning:

reddit.com and google.com all work full speed, but, for example, nhl.com times out.

Damn!  I’m meeting a buddy at Timmy’s tonight.  Is the power still out around 2nd and 3rd?  Maybe that’s why I saw a power fluctuation here, knocked my DSL modem off-line for a bit.