Cell phone question rogers to speak out

If I buy someone’s phone that they use on Rogers for pay as you go, can I put in a 7-11 speakout sim and use it for speakout… I know that speak out is on the rogers system, I perfer how simple there plans are … thanks for any help…

I’m thinking you still need to “unlock” the phone as you would even with a Rogers to Fido (Rogers owned) switch.

no its OK no need to unlock , you will have to cut the sim card to fit… done this lots of times with rogers iPhone…

I am living in Victoria for a while, today I was at a Superstore and that has a Mobile Store in it. Always used speak out but thinking of changing to PC Mobile but concerned about use in Rupert
PC Mobile uses Bell in it’s prepaid division // However they now have a post pay division as well that uses telus. When i return to Rupert can I therefore get a local number? Possibly it will be port ed which is okay… $40 gets you canada wide 200 day time minutes, evenings canada wide free and Nexus 4 phone with 30 month contract… can contract trans with a move?

CityWest refuses to play nice with any other company, so you can’t get a local number from them. They have to be one of the few companies left in north america that won’t co-operate with porting a number over. You can get a Port Edward number though. To answer the earlier question, you can use a Rogers phone on Speakout. The iPhone I use currently on speakout is one I purchased on Ebay as a used Rogers phone.

thanks crazy mike, yesterday when i was sort out different plans etc my head was spinning : the number one concern was using PC mobile back in Rupert, but since it’s post paid division is with telus it will work… city west I only want for cable and internet on return. i figured it would be a port ed number i wish telus could get local rupert numbers like rogers has 600s but whatever
vastly prefer prepaid i really like speak out a lot been using if for years, but wish they had unlimited evening/weekends.

Would Koodoo work up there? Or more importantly can you get a Port Ed number for it…??