Celebrities that look alike

Post pics of celebrities that look alike. Here is one example:



Liv Tyler and Jessica Paré

Chretien and Keith Richards look alike

I found two more:




Rob Lowe ( younger) and Brad Pitt.

Rob Lowe looks like he was in that movie about that lagoon.


rob lowe looks more like paul walker

I HATE Rob Lowe.

Everytime I see him on west wing I figure he is out to steal some fat kids cookies or kill his family business from the inside or bamboozle money in front of the dictabird but thats ok because I hate fred flintstone more

frickin cave man mentality…

Ken Griffey Jr., yeeaaaahhh

Finally some action on this thread. I was afraid for awhile that you guys would leave me hanging. Kinda cool to analyze this subject. The funniest look alike situation I have seen is Dana Carvey as the Churchlady on SNL and the country singer Reba McIntyre.


i dont know how to post pics :neutral_face:

You have to have the pics hosted on the net somewhere, and then in the place where you type, you hit the Img button, and fill in the image address, then hit the Img button again, and voila!

There should be a HTMF newbie section, that way the kind people on here would not have to give instructions over and over again!

there are instructions for it in the FAQ, people are just too lazy to read it.

your avatar is freaky!

is it? I thought it was a bit odd myself

Alex with Brad Pitt.

this thread is so old, guests are even aloud to post.

I wear plain front twill work pants.