CBC Vote Compass


I am not sure how accurate this might be, but I found it interesting. 30 questions - 3 each in 10 categories (health, environment, taxes etc.) You state your level of agreement/disagreement on the issues. Then it gives you an indication of how closely you agree with the four main parties in next month’s election.

Apparently I am in agreement with the

NDP 84%
Green 72%
Liberal 64%
Conservative 37%

I haven’t done a complete analysis of my score, but I thought it interesting that my agreement with the Liberals was around 2/3 which is a pretty significant number.

I am not sure if that means I agree with the Liberals on some issues as opposed to the NDP or if the Liberals and NDP actually agree on a number of issues. I did notice that my agreement with “corporate taxes should go up somewhat” did agree with both parties. The Liberals are moving it from 10% to 11% while the NDP plan to move it to 12%. The vote compass doesn’t distinguish between those numbers.

To me, it still comes down to a matter of trust.

I have to try that vote compass…I don’t like any of the parties. Dislike the NDP the most tho, I don’t believe they will be of any benefit to the people on the North Coast.

Yes, it’s an interesting little tool. Apparently, I should rethink my intention of voting Green because I agreed with their policies the least. Interestingly, I agree with the NDP and Libs the same amount: 58% Their policy positions are not really all that different, except for on some issues. Unfortunately, my agreement only ranged 52% to 63%, so there isn’t a clear option for me. Maybe if we get a conservative candidate I will have to vote for him/her.