Cats, Cats, and more cats. :smiley:

This is neat.

MY CAT A Siberian Lynx…

Now that’s A CAT!!!
Astrothug, where in SPACE did you get that cat? What planet?

there are breeders back east…Ill post website latter…just over 1500.00 dollers for him 75 pounds of pure cat…

Is that you holding the cat, Astro?

I want one of those just so i could say “my cat can beat up your cat”:stuck_out_tongue:

or better yet, “my cat can beat up your dog”

Even better, “My cat can beat you up”

How about , Sorry my cat ATE your frickin dog. Holy shit man, that is the coolest cat ever, I want one.

You guys are talking about the furry one with pointy ears and spots, right?

Wanna learn more?

Do you notice how some cat-owners can have an astonishing relationship with their cat, while others… just put up with each other?

Do you wonder why some people can raise a friendly and sociable cat, while others end up with a scaredy cat, or an aggressive monster?

Well, if this describes you…

go here…

March 6th, 2006
Prince Rupet National Cat Day in Honor of Image and Cat!!!

Wow Astrothug, I thought I was the only one in town with one of those.
Here’s mine.

Whats up with you and cats dude??

Me…I’m a dog lover.

Cats RULE. Dogs drool!

I betchya that this cat could kick your dogs ass.


Oh look Ren! It’s a picture of your Mother…

As HTMF’s resident Newfoundlander, I present Brad Gushue’s “Curling With Puppies”

Funny, how do they scream “Sweep, HURRY! HURRY”