Cats Claws

Is there anyone in HTMF World who cut cats claws ? I have this feline which needs this done soon or she is going to cut me up herself .

I do. :smile:

I’d say, if she’s the squirmy type, to wrap semi-tightly in a towel and go from there. but in all cases, do the job quickly (not carelessly, lest you snip somewhere you didn’t want to :stuck_out_tongue: ). hehe

just strain them out before you the potatoes and onions in.

lol…that’s horrible.

Wrapping them in a towel works quite well.
Or if all else fails, you can bring her/him to the vets.

Yeah , what can you say to that , just let him feel that he has made a statement .

    You didn’t disappoint me Molten Universe. When I saw this post, I knew you would make a food reference…Shame, shame! At the very least you are predictable!  And, Justin Case, it is a great idea to wrap your kitty in a towel, she will be calm  and cooperative too…  :smile:

I’ve taken my dogs to the vet to get their nails clipped.  It was only six dollars for each dog and was a lot easier than fighting them to do one claw at a time like I used to.