Cat People

isn’t it odd that there are always freakish people in neighbourhoods that have a dozen or so cats? You must have encountered atleast one cat nut in your lifetime…
here’s one:

Can’t Possibly Be True

Until March, Mr. Dayn Riegel and his girlfriend kept 77 cats in their house in Lawrenceville, Ga., but a Humane Society spokesman said he saw no problem, in that all appeared to be in good health and well-fed, and Riegel’s home was clean (though filled with litter boxes). Riegel recorded each cat’s history on a computer database, provided one packaged meal and one special meal a day for each, and turned over 60 pounds of cat litter a week. (During a recent move from the home, Riegel gave away just a few of the cats.) [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3-20-04]

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Bubbles from the trailer park is a cat guy:

I want some bubbles