Cat on Highway

I meant to mention that during the Skeena Relay I noticed a little cat on Highway 16 just outside of Rainbow Summit. Was able to chat with someone at the SPCA and understandably they do not have the required gear to check out a cat spotting on the highway.
What really peeves me off is the fact that someone may have driven out the highway and dropped off this cat to fend for itself. How irresponsible and inhuman.
If someone was willing to drive a ways and see if the cat was still around, and even friendly maybe they also could get it into a kennel and call the SPCA if it was someones cat in a previous life.
How awful. Hopefully it was just a random feral cat that made its way all the way to Rainbow. Hoping…

Yeah that could be the case you and I hope, could it also belong to someone who may live in the lodge up there. I would hope it is alright. My lady and I have picked up a dog on the highway and yes turned it into the local SPCA. Thanks for caring as we do know some people do not really care about their little pets.

What cat is that JC? It is beautiful! That doesn’t look like the one we saw. Is it yours?

For those of you who care, as there was another thread on cats just recently as well.
Here’s the reality of the situation. The fact is there are over two thousand feral cats in Prince Rupert. Here’s an example of how and why this happens, several years ago, my very elderly father living alone in his own home, with both glaucoma and dimentia, has a cat of own. In the basement of the abandoned house next door to him are more than twelve feral cats, they keep coming into my dad’s house because with his dimentia and bad eyesight, he cannot tell the difference between them, and is feeding them and sometimes left the door open on nice days, etc. they came into the house sprayed, going to the bathroom anywhere, and hiding. I was constantly trying to chase them out the house, and cleaning up the mess. Grew very tired of this try to have it dealt with, talked to the SPCA, the City bylaw office etc. etc. had to rent the traps from spca to catch them, in order to bring them to spca they have to be neutered, which cost a small fortune, and they would not accept them otherwise as they already had many more than they could handle at the time. The city would do nothing as they were not responsible, and cats do not have to be licenced like dogs do, and the previous owners could not be held accountable, and the owner of the property didn’t give a shit. So guess what I caught them and dropped them off out in the wilderness, as they were wild anyway and I figured this was better than simply killing them myself, and trying to have the vet clinic put them down was also going to cost me a small fortune. I didn’t do this carelessly or thoughtlessly, but sometimes reality is harsh. There are thousands, millions of cats around and I can only suggest your emotional energy could possibly be better spent on more meaningful pursuits.

What cat is that JC? It is beautiful!

Thank you and yes it is a very beautiful cat and very intelligent. She is my father in laws cat and she is 17yrs. young. Her name is Sammy she roams the fenced yard never leaves the property plus she talks alot.

Can someone give me a hint of what I am doing wrong when I quote someone please.[/quote]

That is my Dads’ big baby, Sammi, his best bud, making the rounds of his yard!  He is a beauty, thank you !  And JC, I don’t know why you can’t get the quote thing happening, just click on “quote” above your desired post and type your post after the “quote”  quotation marks ! Maybe you are adding the “quote” after you have written your post, I dunno !  My explanation sounds awfully confusing, doesn’t it ?  :smiley:

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Can someone give me a hint of what I am doing wrong when I quote someone please.

Down here  :wink:

why is it inhumane to dump cats in the wilderness ? that’s where they lived before we ripped them out of their homes and enslaved them :unamused:

I have posted on topics that involve animals, especially cats and I have shown my dislike towards people continuing the population of feral cats by feeding, etc; however I do not agree with taking stray cats (ones who are considered missing from their home, or once owned cats ie abandoned by their owners, otherwise friendly to humans) and dumping them in the “wilderness.” Humans have domesticated these animals.

Because of this stray animals are as helpless when they are left to fend for themselves ‘outside city lines.’

It is our fault we are overpopulated, but because of this, and other issues, there are innocent animals (dogs included) that are falling through the cracks.
It is an issue and by the looks of htmf, animals are a huge issue, thus quite meaningful in my eyes.
People who are PURPOSEFULLY abandoning their pets, even neglect and abusing them need to have their names brought to attention as it IS a crime. Look up PCA Act in the criminal code. Very meaningful.

I did stop when I saw this cat on Sunday.  He did start to come over to me, but would not let me get close enough to pet him.  I left him our left over pizza and broke it down into small pieces, which he did eat.  I also gave him my water in a little bowl, but he was not interested in that.  Left him a few other snacks that we had in our vehicle but not sure if he finised these as he was still eating pizza.  I travel to Terrace almost every weekend and will buy some catfood to leave out there next week.  Hope he is okay.

Thank you for being so kind to the little thing and I hope he is OK also !  And ratboat, I totally agree with your post and sadly the dumping of unwanted pets has become the easy option for crappy owners in and around Rupert but that is all I will say as I am sure to be lambasted again regarding my animal posts.    :unamused:


My cat got killed by some stupid fuck.  My innocent pal was walking along McKay Street and some fucker kicked him so far…he died on impact…I was out of town and my brother saw this happen and chased him down the trail.  :angry:

I am so, so sorry  :cry:  How could someone do that to a defenceless, innocent animal?  Do you or your brother know who did this?

No names…but that person got his ass whipped when my bro saw that happen to our cat.

cats are the only household pet that can actually survive in the wild they are all over rupert and most  places  they used to drown them to keep them under control but everyone gets so upset its inhumane so watch them get hit by cars and fight instead

How do you know he’s not a feral cat? He didn’t let you touch him, he’s obviously afraid of humans.

I would be nervous of humans too if I was ditched along a highway. I true feral cat will not get with in arms reach of a human. These are the ones who’ve grown accustom to living in the ‘wild’

I do agree we have a cat issue, but I am not sure people’s reactions would be the same if this topic was about a dog.

Look,  I love animals as well, and I dislike seeing them suffer.  I like how alot of people here are passionate about animals. 
To those who will give food to an animal,  or leave food out for them,  Donate monies to the SPCA. 

I ask,

When is the last time you saw a person in need on the streets of Prince Rupert and did something,  or any city for that matter.  Why not give them food?  Or donate as much to the homeless and less fortunate as you do animals.  There are children who go without meals in this city.

But NO, look there is a stray cat on the Highway…

Well, I do give monies and time to the SPCA and my job is feeding the needy of Prince Rupert and because of that commitment I would like to think that there are no children in Rupert that are going hungry . Between us and other agencies/services in town there shouldn’t be !  There are many on this site who do wonderful acts for the under-priviledged in Rupert but this topic happens to revolve around animals, that’s all .

Vancouver has a huge rat problem. Round up our ferals and transport them to Van. HaHa!!.