Cat Looking For A Good Home!

Am wondering if anyone would be interested/knows of someone who would like to take in a really great cat.
We took her in and unfortunately I have begun having severe allergy flare ups and can no longer keep her.
I have been vacuuming/washing floors, cleaning litter box every day but it is not helping much. I even have special cloths for wiping down her fur to keep the dander at bay. Unfortunately it has reached a point of where I have to find another home for her.
She is a black cat with white paws/chest/face and a white spot on her tail, 1 and a half years old, spayed, very friendly once she gets to know you.
She is a very quiet cat and only meows when she wants her can of food :smile: hehe.
Other than that she is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up with you. There are times when she likes to be alone and you won’t even know she is in the house.
I do have extra food for her, dry/canned, a litter box, cat toys and even a leash and harness which i got when i first took her in.
I also have extra de worming treatment and flea treatment which i bought from the vet, to be used at a later time if ever needed.
I have considered taking her to the SPCA but really would prefer she went to a good home instead of waiting to be adopted if possible.
She will not do well in a home with other dogs or cats and I know this is going to be somewhat of a problem as most people already have other pets.
But hoping anyway that there is a home out there for her, so if anyone is interested please post and leave your number or email and i will get a hold of you, and thanks.

My cat is giving me hell with the allergies too. Did you try some allergy meds? I take the 24 hour claratin ones… they work great for me.

I have taken allergy meds but it would be something I would have to take all the time. I had a cat before but did not have a reaction like this. I have other health issues and this allergy is something that I don’t need right now. If it were mild I would try to tough it out but it has gone beyond what I can tolerate.
Thanks though and good luck to you, I hope it clears up.

How long have you had her as I have a friend who had the same problem and after a few months, the allergies disappeared.?  I wouldn’t take her to the shelter as they are full, as usual.  Many people surrendering animals and so many strays but at least they are in out of the cold.  I am trying to “capture” one that used to live next door to me as I have a new home waiting for him.  They moved and just left him, he comes and eats food I leave out and is very friendly so hopefully he will have a home for X-Mas  :smiley:

I have had her for over a month now and where things stand I cannot afford to wait and see if the symptoms dissapear as they have been getting quite severe, to the point of where I am wheezing and at times feeling generally very sick.
I currently am on other medication due to health issues so this is just one thing that I cannot deal with at present.
I know the SPCA is full and that is why I thought I would post on here and hopefully find a home for her.
I am not going to put her out if I can’t find anything but am keeping my fingers crossed.
If worst comes to worst i will just have to put her out for most of the day and take her in when it gets cold.
That is sad that some people move and just leave their pets behind and really kind of you to look after that cat.