Cat Groomer Wanted

I am looking for someone who could drop by home monthly or so, to cut my cats claws…

She used to let a friend of mine cut her nails just fine, but not me… Will pay what you ask for.

Please PM

wrap her in a towel and use human clippers sideways. She’ll be fine!

keep the towel really tight around the neck…

Don’t cats usually take care of their claws by themselves??

Get a scratching post…

Yep, that is all I do too but I don’t even wrap them anymore as they are so used to it ! Just sit them on their hind legs between my knees and squeeze each toe, snip about 1/8/ - 1/4 inch off and done. Time for a treat ! A scratching post is only actually for them to soothe the pads of their feet, kind of just relaxation for them, doesn’t do much for the claws, despite what some of the TV info ads say with their dumbass products !!

I have one cat who doesn’t ever need her claws done, one who needs them once in awhile, and a third who needs it done every week or two because her claws curl right back into her pads. All cats are different.