CAT 5 cables and MISC

I have hundreds of feet of Cat 5 Cable to give away, Also other stuff, cables and computer related… ALL give away…

it goes today regardless if its picked up or not…


For more info email me @

Whoa… hundreds of feet??? Are you running some sort of a spy agency…

so A few more things to add a D-link and belkin wireless router a SMC ,and  linksys switch. a few keyboards, sound cards and lots of games, kids and stuff.

Also A LCD projector that goes over a overhead projector, used this for watching catoons on 10 foot Screen , Also giving away the 10 foot projector Screen. 


Quite a lot of toys here…

everything works… and at the end of the day its all gone… if no one wants it!!

what type of sound cards and games astro? :smile:

kids games,  racing games, its a box full no much to list, 16 bit PCI  sound cards,

Email sent, David

awesome, hey astro I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on them racing games!

especially if they are games like Need for speed :smiley:

if you live close to maverick then that’s a plus 'cause I live up the street :smile:

email me I send the address
need for speed… no

driver yes
kawasaki fantasy motocross
moto racer 3
test drive off road
dirt track racing