Carter slams Bush, Blair

The 39th President of the USA is highly critical of Bush, Blair.  I agree with Carter. :smiley:

From Futurama:

Ford: Personally, I’ve never found the electoral process to be all that important.

Nixon: You wouldn’t, would you?

Heh-heh, funny stuff. :smiley:

The White House responds in a predictable manner:

Carter, much like global warming, will go away if ignored.

Heh, Carter may fade into the background noise…global warming will not.

I think that Carter for a Peanut Farmer is so much more smarter than Bush Junior , we know that he is still dealing with reality. Bush is the worst there is and hopefully will be the last of his kind at least this close to Canada .

Correction, Entropy is forever increasing.

You all would not make Good Americans.
Making peace deals is not GOOD. Refusing to start a war over a diplomatic incident is not GOOD.
Making slimy underhanded arms deals with the enemy, using the money to begin a war against a democratic gov’t is HEROIC even when the parties involved go to jail.
Invading tiny islands that pose absolutely no threat to you is HEROIC. Ask Clint Eastwood, he made a movie longer than the whole war.
Lying and deceiving the public to start a war with a country that didn’t threaten you and destabilize the entire Middle East is HEROIC.


Now I understand why my Dad used to make comments about “the Glorious Yanks” whenever a war movie was on…