CarPlay and my iPhone

I have my iPhone working on my 2021 RAV4. I was thinking about setting up CarPlay. On YouTube it says that a lightning to USB cable should work just fine. Should I order one?

Yeah, Toyotas tend to want to be connected by USB.

So just get a normal iPhone cable (Dollar store!) and try it. You may have to go into the Toyota menu and tell it to use CarPlay. But it’s usually on by default.

Mine is connected (Toyota) via USB, no problem. It does work with bluetooth, but then you don’t get all the CarPlay features.

Here’s something I figured out with CarPlay. If you take a screenshot with your phone, it also does a screenshot of your CarPlay screen :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply MiG! I tried connecting with the cable that came with my iPhone and that didn’t work. So a cable that will work will need to be lightning and USB? Thanks!
So to get all features in CarPlay you need to have your iPhone connected all the time?

You’ll need USB (whichever version your car has) and lightning on the other end to connect to your phone.

What cable came with your phone? Probably USB-C to Lightning, right?

Last summer, we rented a VW in Spain that needed USB-C to Lightning for CarPlay.

But I think your Toyota might have just regular old USB-A?

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Speaking about cars, I was reaching for the hood release and spotted a little shelf under the steering wheel I’d forgotten about. On it was a miniCD marked TOOLS sept2008. A whole 100 odd MB of stuff.
I made it to use on service calls 14 years ago!

I let her use the Saturn all these years as I always could take a work truck, I guess I’m am so unobservant she always had to point out she’d changed her hair cut, not noticing that in my car for 14 years