Carnival Coming?

Has anyone seen any posters regarding the upcoming Carnival coming into town?  I need the dates for it.  Someone said it was next weekend… and that would seriously suck for our slo-pitch playoffs.

the carnival only comes once a year its here only in the spring has been for 5 years now

I think it is next weekend, I have the info at work, I’ll check when I get in…

EDIT: Shooting Star Amusements will be in Rupert from August 17th to the 20th. Keep listening to the Mix to win an all day ride wristband! Or perhaps START listening to the Mix. :smiley:

Astrohug, man your on a bit of a losing streak, second time in a week you’ve been wrong! :imp:

smartass if you don’t win a wristband from the radio guy, you can purchase your wristband for 25 bucks!!! Or take the super six special on Sunday . Dates of the event are August 17-20, if you play your softball games before 3 pm you probably won’t wake up the carnies! :cry: :blush: :laughing:

All the details on the road show to come below … 8328161746

Fricken great  :angry:

I hope it RAINS…ALOT! :imp:

lol your right, but im right about that the carnival not being here for 5 years for the fall carnival. It has stopped in Terrace but didnt come any further. so I was under the assumption that was still happening…O well Im still wrong…lol…good to be wrong it grounds ya back to reality…

maybe somebody will post another message to everybody taliing about the two guys fighting and how ‘they don’t want noone talkin’ bout it"

where did that guy go anyways, he was rad

Actually having just checked the Wasteland forum, it was two young ladies who apparently were duking it out, one was a cousin of the person who posted at that time, a person who didn’t want anyone talking about it. So of course it was posted to a bulletin board, go figure.

You can look back fondly at carnivals past, or prepare for the battles to come next week by logging onto the Wasteland.

The carnival which is coming will be next week I believe at the civic center, the posters are on posts around town, its called a YOUTH CARNIVAL . I believe something to do with the EDGE Program. That is the carnival for Rupert.