Carnies Vs.Kitimat Round 1 to Carnies

This is one of the raddest stories I have heard in a long time. Sometime while the Carnival was in Kitimat prior to getting here they pissed off some locals.  So…(and this story comes from an insider who had to deal with this) a group of 4 guys armed with bats and what ever else literally followed the carnival here, and when they started to set up on thursday decided they would brawl.  Turns out carnies can scrap though, and they put an old school beating on the kitimat folk and sent them home to thier mothers.  how funny is that, loosing a brawl to a group of carnies. 

What makes the story even funnier is that two of them got arrested. One of those people spent a couple of days in jail before being released to a relative.

that’s awesome…out of curiosity which side were the two on (if you can mention) was it Kitimat or Carnieville?

So we can divine from all of this that math has never been a strong subject in Kitimat.

4 Kitimatians + dozens of Carnies = an ass whuppin’ for Kitimat…

There’s strength in numbers, and judging by some of the Carnies I saw on the weekend more than one of them can probably hold their own in a scrap.

Interesting how the Carnival always brings out the best in people, that is if past htmf posts are to be considered…

oh say like this fucking idiot from a couple years back? 

If you seen that fight during the carnival. I have a message from the 2 that were in it. (I am a close cousin, I live with them)

They don’t want anyone talking about it around them or asking them about it and why it started.

They are bestfriends, and don’t want no-one in there business.

The only reason why the other girl didn’t fight back is because she doesn’t hit people close to her.  and I think its kinda good she didn’t fight back.

It was kinda good fight.

Oh and the other girl that didn’t fight back went and took her anger on someone else (a guy) and beat him up. so she is a tough kid.

Hope you guys that watched like it. Cause I did but didn’t like the aftermath.

Damn!!! Who cares about a stupid fight which took place two years ago? You’re the only one talking about it! lol  Nobody cares!! Get over it already or get counselling if it is still bothereing you enought to bring back these emotions every time the carnival comes to town. lol

dude, if you knew how to read you would understand the context in which this was brought up. Once again, there was a brawl at the carnival, that is all. Just making a laugh out of the fact that evertime the carnival comes to town there are brawls.  Nobody asked for your thoughts on it, in fact, you should just go back to what ever dead end job it is you hold, and if you don’t like something…don’t read it. 

dude,  face it: you got owned by Chiefdave.  :sunglasses:

ya owned by a guy on the net…got me.

the reason i see so much humor in this is that the Calgary Stampede goes down every year and there are tonnes of brawls, scraps, tussels, hootinanies, and so on.  This is just the only town i’ve ever been in where it happens every year.  so if the chief wants to own me, then damn, my bad, i guess he’s the better keyboardest.  but then we are all tough mother fuckers on the net aren’t we

It’s kinda starting to smell in here no?  :stuck_out_tongue: