Caregiver needed for mid, to end of Sept

Hello everyone, I am looking for a full time sitter for my 5 yr old son, he will becoming to live with me in the middle, to the end of sept, and I will be regestering him for pre-school as soon as he comes to town. I will be needing a sitter from mid sept, until possibly May. If you know of anyone that is responsible, and likes children, and who is not a couch potatoe, pls let me know,thank you, and have a good day

I’ve used the Berry Patch to find daycare services for my little one.  Good luck with finding a place for your Son! :smiley:

We have tried them before, and the referred person, had our son callin her mom, I am perticular, and want to extend this to a decent person.

This isnt the place to find child care dude…

I don’t see why not. My wife stays home to raise our son and looks after children and would be happy to do it but she isn’t looking to take on another child at the moment. I assume there are plenty of other people here who know someone decent who could help out Shawn.

CRAZYmike…its the fricken internet man!!! HTMF or not.  You dont find childcare through the internet man!!!  Its sacralige

Start out by hanging out at places like the growing space…there is lot sof child care people haning out there and you could even put up a notice on the wall there.  At least the people that see the add are targetted to a narrower audience as opposed to the net

Are you in the Pineridge area? If so PM me ans I can give you a contact. Also in the Westview Area.

What is the Internet for, then? Other than porn, of course.

Mcsash, you might be partially right, however the PR forum is a free place to start, and I am not jus gonna hire the first person, I will be lookin for refferences, and whatnot, however I kinda figured that there might be at least one person, or another in rupert, on here that might know of someone who is good with children, not to mention that I do work full time, and don’t always have the time to check these places out

I know THE best person in town…she had 2 calls a week from people looking for childcare.  She hung it up 2 months ago.  But she wouldnt take just anyone she could basically pick any kid she wanted, she was very high in demand…she had one child for 4yrs.
Anyhow…good luck man…its the roughest thing you can do…to trust some one else, to basically raise your kids.  Its very risky and the good ones are far and few apart.  If there really good generally the spot is filled.  And make sure you treat the care giverlike you would a spouse or family member.  It will pay off ten fold.

I wouldn’t listen to mcsash’s advice if I were you shawn. This IS the internet after all.

LOl, slam and dunk I would say!!

I take it you’re looking for a private sitter?
I take my kid to Lighthouse Daycare and I am very happy with them.
They charge $35 per day.
Good luck in your search, shawn. :smiley:

Lazy Mike…Am I full of shit?  You disagree?  Did I recommend anyone down the street??  Just stating the facts.

Please stay on-topic, mcsash, CrazyMike:-)  Let us stay away from flaming please.
I hope shawn can get a tip in this thread that will help him in his search.

in what area of town are you located? and what kind of hours would the sitter have to do?
I have a daughter of my own, but depending on hours and wage i could maybe help you out. I have first aid and years of experience with children. PM me if intrested.