Car for Sale

I’m putting the following ad in the newspaper today, but I thought I’d post it here too:

2000 Mazda Protege SE, White, 4 dr, like new, standard transmission, less than 24,000km, original warranty still valid on power train, $10,500 email me at david dot strand at gee mail dot com if you have questions or are interested in this car. (I’ll post pictures here later.)

I can’t believe anyone else hasn’t beat me to it… zoom zoom zoom

I know of a few people who have Protege’s, and they honestly say they are the best cars they’ve ever owned.

Does your son need new gwasses?

Have you priced diapers? But really, it’s a great car, but I don’t drive much anymore, I’d rather walk. My other car is a pair of hiking boots.

We should see some pictures of your car, you earth muffin.

Maybe he misses his old glasses?

Here are some pictures of the 2000 Mazda.


dum da dum dum

here comes the minivan!

dum dum! dum dum! can’t escape…

Dave’s gonna end up with a minivan…

Too funny. Actually, my wife hates minivans as do I. So there is no chance that we will ever own one. At the moment we are just going to use her VW Golf GL. It’s a diesal and is pretty good on fuel, but not the environment.

^^^ aww dave your baby is sooo cute and nice car if i had money id buy it off of you

Thanks…here’s another picture

Nice eyes.

It puts the lotion on it’s skin

Nope, babies are born with super smooth skin.

Of course Dave’s the expert now that he actually has one. :wink:

One thing I’ve learnt so far during Isaac’s first months is that no amount of experts can explain a child.


Thanks…here’s another picture[/quote]

awww soooo cute