Car Crash Near Pj's Last night?

Around 12am last night i heard a car/truck slam there brakes on and skid for 2 seconds and a loud crash noise near Pj’s Midway. Did anyone else hear that? Someones car got messed up

Someone’s car flew off the highway near the bowling alley at about 12:30 this afternoon.

Can’t say i heard that… i was in that area pretty much the whole night to, within 2 houses of PJ’s.

My sources tell me that it may have been a blue Fox-body Mustang.

In other news, since buying my new car I’ve gone from 40% insurance surcharge to 20% discount. Excellent.

Rumour has it there was a death in the crash near the bowling alley. Anyone have any details?

yeha the guy in the crash is my friend’s boyfriend. We went to the crash site tonight to take a look. He flew really far! He walked out of the car after the accident… no one DIED! It was only him in the car. He was going over the speed limit, slippery roads, bad back tires or something… all that combined it was a bad situation. So instead of going straight on the hwy he turned to go into the bushes. He is really really lucky. no bruises nothing … just relally sore.

A Prince Rumor? huh… Well I never…

Yeah, he is lucky to be okay, but not too bright to drive fast in those conditions with bad tires…

Yup definitely not a good idea at all. He’s sooo lucky!

Thanks for clearing up all the gossip Danny.

Yeah, thanks … I’ll head off the rumour mill at my end…

No problem… hah yeah good idea!

Well apparently … “Soggy” you are right. there was a crash and someone did die. But not near the bollowing alley. Along the highway somewhere the same day as my friends bf’s crash. A mustang as well. He said that the mustang was blue like his and one person died and two were rushed to terrace’s hospital. Now who knows if that was all true? But that’s what i was told.

laughing my fucking ass off. At the above, not the dead people…

Danny wrote:

Yep, it was all over the news for the past couple of days. Teenagers.