Car BOMBs from TEXAS!

Wooooooooah! :open_mouth:

U.S. troops sweeping through Fallujah on Thursday found what appeared to be a command center used by followers of Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and a U.S. general expressed confidence the battle for the city has “broken the back of the insurgency.” A separate raid near the suspected command center uncovered a bomb-making workshop where an SUV registered in Texas was being converted into a car bomb and a classroom that held flight plans and instructions on shooting down planes, according to a CNN crew embedded with the U.S. Army.

zarqawi is a fuckin bogedy man. fuck the us actions in iraq.

i dont give a fuck what they find unless its WMD, anything else is just homegrown defense, no matter how much they try to label it as AL QAEDA BOOGY MAN BULLSHIT.

Remember that they are all FRIENDS! BBS!

Bush, Bin Laden, Saddam
I also read that Kerry was thinking of joining too. :laughing:

Never mind that last comment, that F’N bitch that just replace Powell,
RICE is the evil one, she writes what bush says on tv. SHE IS THE MASTERMIND. And what Nostradomis wrote down, the Anti-christ is a dark person in a blue turbon (spelling), he was close, because BUSH wears something blue all the time and Rice is the Master of the PUPPETS! :open_mouth:

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