Canvassers needed!

Do you wish to canvass for the upcoming SensibleBC referendum initiative? It is necessary that you register as a canvasser by September 8th.

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Do you wish to collect signatures for the SensibleBC Initiative to legalize cannabis?

Canvassers are required to register with this form: … file-3.pdf

To be a canvasser you must be a registered voter with Elections BC by September 8th.

Canvassers can sign up any time, however it takes a while to get your official ID. Signatures cannot be collected without an ID. All registration forms can be dropped in to 811 Fraser Street any time

There will be a meet-and-greet at 811 Fraser Street between 2pm and 4pm today.

First off, I do not use cannabis. I have tried a bit in my younger years but it did not agree with me so I never thought of going back.

Now today, I have to agree we need to decriminalize cannabis as it makes no economic sense to keep going the path we are. It is time for a different approach. However, In order to help the campaign I need to know something about my signature when I sign this petition to decriminalize cannabis. How will my signature and the info I provide be used if this campaign fails? Will the public have access to these people that signed? My employer and future employers could discriminate me for my actions. Friends and family may consider me as a user of an illegal substance. My kids will think it is okay to use after years of preaching not to.

I asked this because I signed a petition one time in my life and it came up in a court of law. I was stereotyped because of my belief at the time. Can someone put my concerns to rest because I do, truly believe, we should all be signing?

This petition is run under the auspices of Elections BC and their rules governing privacy issues apply.

Also there is a box provided to opt out of publishing address and phone number.

To clarify: It would be illegal for an employer to fire someone for exercising their democratic right.

Between 1pm and 4 pm today, canvassers will be taking your signatures in front of City Hall.

Come down and sign the petition, or sign up to be a canvasser yourself.

Well that really sucks…
I had to work , is there another place to sign ?

There are two locations to sign during the day:

• Dave at Homesteader New and Used on 2nd Ave. W. between 10am and 5:30pm weekdays Tuesday-Friday and 10am-5:30pm Saturday.

• Jim at Jim West Signs will take your signature between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.
I live upstairs so if I’m home I’ll answer the doorbell anytime for your signature. Just let me sleep between 10pm and
8am :wink: Thanks