With the most successful coach in Canucks history(did I just say that?) gone who should be next?

I know, I know. Its Tampa Bay’s Head Coach will get canned after they bow out to the SENS!

:cry: Boo F’n Hoo :cry:

Trevor Linden?

[quote=“Cooking with Fire”]I know, I know. Its Tampa Bay’s Head Coach will get canned after they bow out to the SENS!

:cry: Boo F’n Hoo :cry:[/quote]

I think Fonzie’s a good coach. Their team is a little stale. Not too much new blood. You can’t blame T. Bay getting thumped on him. They are an 8th place team. Not knowing a whole lot about their team, I don’t think they did much in the off season(s) to improve themselves.

I still think they need a goalie. Auld did fine for them in relief of Cloutier. But having a healthy Cloutier as a starter is not a recipe for success.

I don’t know who they should get rid of…maybe Morrison? Linden’s a good choice too. I think they should keep Bertuzzi. I know he looked like an oaf out ther some nights, but when he is on his game, he can be dominating.

I think all these rumours that Quinn will be back in Vancouver are crazy at best. There were a lot of hard feelings between both sides when Quinn was fired here the last time. Sure they brought in Aquilini, but the ownership is still pretty much the same group. For Quinn to come back it would likely take one or both sides to swallow a lot of pride, and I for one don’t see happening.

As for the other ‘likely’ candidate Alain Vigneault, personally I think he’s a bad choice. From what I’ve seen of him during his time with the Habs and Manitoba he is essentially a less talented, french speaking version of Marc Crawford. How is that a breath of fresh air? Doesn’t make sense to me.

As for who is out next, could be drastic since there are a lot of players without contracts come July. Of the players that saw signifiacant ice time for the Canucks this season the following all have expiring contracts:

Nolan Baumgartner, (III)
Sean Brown, (III)
Keith Carney, (III)
Anson Carter, (III)
Ed Jovanovski, (III)
Trevor Linden, (III)
Richard Park, (III)
Jarkko Ruttu, (III)
Eric Weinrich, (III)
Maxime Ouellet, (VI)
Bryan Allen, (II)
Alex Auld, (II)
Tyler Bouck, (II)
Wade Brookbank, (II)
Lee Goren, (II)
Josh Green, (II)
Ryan Kesler, (II)
Jason King, (II)
Mika Noronen, (II)
Daniel Sedin, (II)
Henrik Sedin, (II)

Obviously some of these guys will be back. And I really doubt that Nonis will blow the team up completely, but the possibility is definitely there. Especially with the UFA’s, it’s quite possible that the only group III or VI player that comes back could be Carter. I have a feeling that Nonis will be as loyal to Linden as Burke was, so I would expect him to be back at a significantly reduced salary. I also think that they will make a serious pitch at Jovo, but in the end I’m not sure that they can afford him. As for the Group II’s, most if not all will be back.

With regards to Bert, Mo, Nazzy, Clouthier and any of the other signed players you want to add to the that list, I don’t think that Nonis has made a firm decision on their future. Personally, I think it comes down to the offers that come in from other teams. That being said, I’m sure that Nonis will be listenning alot closer this offseason, than Burke did in previous years. I would expect that one, maybe two of those players are traded by the time the Canucks make their first pick at the upcomming draft. However, I’m not going to speculate which ones will be on their way out.