Canucks vs chicago

woot they won good tonight do you guys think the streak will continue?
anyone record it i screwed up trying to record it lol. my wifes cousin was down watching it seen him at the end of the game. be cool to get a copy lol

They played well in the first and third periods, got a little sloppy in the second.

But overall it was a solid effort, nice to see Sundin starting to show some of that promise, a few miscues on defence again though to be concerned about.

Thought the game would have been closer considering how Chicago has played this year, but this is an ugly road trip they’re on 8 games is a tad much you would think.

Not sure who would record a regular season game in the middle of the season, but perhaps you’ll get lucky.

Check the Google video site tomorrow, sometimes they post complete NHL games there

yea i hit record on my pvr but it was too late lol

i do hope they get a few games in a row they need it . im close to handing in my fan club card lol

Ah you can’t be a fan if  you hand in your fan club card… through good times and bad unless of course a more convenient bandwagon comes along… :smiley:

33 years of frustration lol.  and more broken promises than a politician lol. im sre i’ll always be a canuck fan but i do have other favs boston , pittsburgh , calgary. loved having bure some good games to watch live :wink:

Woopdy dooo… :unamused:

2 in a row… :unamused:

o i know but in a season of lows gotta recognize a couple wins lol

Yah true…it’s been a tough year so far.  Not a fan of the canucks but gotta say they beat a pretty good young team.  + I respect Bobby L…he’s one of the greatest goalies in the modern era. 

Well, in all honesty the team played like a team I have not seen play in quite some time, even at the begining of the year…

Im loving the new line of Demitra, Sundin and Kesler.

Sundin is winning faceoffs, getting his smarts back and just looks great out there… that Line has been money… Kesler aint your average grinding forward now… hes got his linemates and it will be a great line till were knocked out of the post-season.

Bobby Lou is starting to get back to his All-Star form… which is nice to see… 34 saves tonight… other then that, solid performance…

Edler… Big night 4 points!

As for the long ass road trip, We need it… We need the guys to bond, and possibly fight again haha - Like Raymond and Mitchell did… Definatly sparked something with the team I saw tonight…

Now… 7th place… 10 points back of the flames… we have won 2… Calgary has lost 4… lets catch up! and if we continue to play like we did tonight we will have no problems. -


also the pens suck buddy, crosby is a whiny little bitch… no were near as good as some other canadian greats… what man attacks a guy at the face off circle… pussy…

Now Ovechkin is a man… and Malkin… why cant Ovechkin be a canadian :frowning:

i like the pens going back to lemieux lol. but i do like ovechkin great guy to watch. good classic hockey player