Canucks ppv

did anyone order the last ppv game on cable at city west march 27th

it didnt start till the second period for me and citywest is only giving credit of $5.60  since only one period was missed . if you are unhappy like me on not getting full money back call and  complain and say you want the full amount back.

out of principle in my mind should get full amount.
if you any of you know my posts you know im pro citye piwest so if im complaining i must be pissed lol

Yet another (scam) from Citywest.  They sure know how to create them. 

Hey Citywest…how about an admission fee for going into the office to pay bills?

Well I don’t often come to CityWest’s defence but I don’t think the PPV problem is completely theirs, I know people in Vancouver that regularly have problems with Shaw Cable and their PPV service when it comes to the Canucks. My guess is that CityWest probably picks up the feed from the same distributor… which apparently has delivery problems.

That being said, a wise company would offer up a full refund should the situation have annoyed their customers to such a fashion, after all they do suggest that you can purchase the game (the whole game) not just selected periods of it…

Perhaps you should contact them again and ask for a credit on your account for inconvenience, I would think if you call them enough they’ll give you one just to have you stop phoning.

I haven’t ordered many PPV games from Starchoice this year, but last year I did pick up two or three and never had any problems (other than the Canucks weren’t very good) :smiley:

As for the admission idea to pay your bill, shhhhh, don’t be going and giving anyone any ideas.

ive voiced my opinion plenty to my wifes boss she works there . his defense is its not like a movie where u follow a story and you miss part of the story f you dont get the whole movie. me i look at a game as a story also. he obviously isnt a sports fan.

He should be deported then!  He isn’t worthy of being Canadian!  :imp: :imp:

You’re missing the first period. You turn the tv off and head to your favourite local watering hole to watch it. You should be credited with the ENTIRE amount. Do you hear that CityWest?