Has anyone heard anymore about Can’tpotex? I haven’t seen anything since last fall when City Council stated it wanted the company to let us know what is going on.

The price of potash has pretty much declined every year since the potash company did it’s show and tell session at the Lester Centre. … sh/5-year/

You know who you can thank for them giving PR a miss!!!

Probably a given that they won’t be building no facility here. With the price of potash taking a sky fall and with the lay offs announced recently.

According to Environment Canada (Nov. 15) Canpotex has informed them of their intent to submit a revised disposal at sea application in late Jan., 2014. It appears there are significant concerns with the dumping of dioxin contaminated sediments into the mouth of the Skeena River. The project had intended to start the dredging last Sept. & be finished next month, unfortunately the Environmental Assessment did not address the contaminated sediment issues and deferred them to the permitting stage which seems to have caused what looks like a half year or more delay. I believe the fault lies with Canpotex’s environmental consultants weak submission and the Canadian Environmental Assessments Agency’s approval allowing omissions to be passed on to permitting stage where it has been stalled waiting for the sampling, testing and planning that should have taken place 2 years ago! The project is neither a “done deal” or “dead”.

Despite the very depressed potash market as of late…they are still quietly moving forward with their dredging plans out near Ridley and work is being done on their site on Ridley as well. None of this equates to a “sure thing” but it certainly doesn’t state the opposite either…especially considering the recent evens in the potash market over the last 6 months especially.

Probably just keeping their options open, a facility in Rupert won’t be cheap and they want to make sure it will be profitable…after all, its not Rupert’s economy they care about, but the global potash market…its like the old days when the railroad was coming through your area, you would hope that it would pass close to or through your town, showering it with economic activity! Luckily in Rupert it looks like other big projects are on the horizon.