Canon Powershot SD700 PROBLEMS!?!?

I have a bit of a problem with my new (since last month) Canon PowerShot SD700 IS.

It seems as though light is flooding every picture like crazy!  The only good looking shots are the ones I take in low-light settings.  If there is any kind of sunlight coming into the room the photos just turn out overexposed…

This happens on both Manual and Automatic settings.

Any idea what the problem could be?

When I hold down the button halfway to shoot a picture it doesn’t make as many noises as it used to…

You know, like those focusing noises…?

Also, there are horizontal lines covering the digitized photos (like the pictures are turning out slightly stripey).

It is 03h18 and still Dracula hasn’t called…

Man, you know, I really thought that Dracula wasn’t going to come… but he did.

Assuming that you offload all your pics, pronto, and you have the same problem when you use your electrical adaptor, I would think this is a Warranty issue.  Unfortunately, the manufacturers are over-loading these cameras with new functions, without properly testing them.  Hewlett-Packards’ new 2006 line had to be re-called because some exploded when the electrical adaptor was used while batteries were still in the holder.

Swing out monitors require an extra 2 batteries; don’t bother with that gimmick.

512 Flash-plug and card supplements are more than enough for most users.  At Max 5.2MG on my HP, my card allows 200 high quality pics.  The HP Pic-Bridge starts off-loading in seconds.

Most systems shut down when exposed to 40F temperatures.

When batteries are dying the Flash capacity stops first, so that is a good test if you don’t have a Can Tire multi-meter.

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Charles that is definately a warranty issue. Your camera is not working properly. Of course you knew this and were just looking for confirmation right?


Yeah, but I was hoping that somebody else had had this problem as well.  Perhaps I was looking for somebody to day “Yeah, that happened to me too, after I dropped my camera on the hard-wood floor”…

hopfully you didnt buy it from shutter shack.  My screen cracked and they wont repair it.  Even though it has warrenty.  Last time I shop there

You are retarded. Why would they replace your cracked screen… 

You go buy a laptop from any place break the screen then take it back and tell me how many companies will replace it for free for you…

Better yet  go buy a brand new car CRASH It then ask them for a new one.

You’re a  TOOL!


not ment to be a pwned it was ment to show him how FUCKING stupid he is. Like seriously.

Any store in town will fix a product they sell provided its legit broken. BUT if yuo break it or cause the damage why should they fix it.

OH NOES!!!111!!!ONE!!!ELEVEN!!!ONE!!!111!!!

Maybe they just didn’t like you, or you were an ass when you were in there, because I’ve never had a problem with Shutter Shack, nor with taking broken things back to them.

It also depends what is broken too. Like i said if you damage the product your self from abuse of course they are going to decline you. But if the screen just stops working then im sure they will fix it no problem.

How can they tell right away if the screen is broken from misuse, or something just screwed up on it by itself?  I’m sure no one is going to go in there and say “the screen stopped working after I dropped it in the snow” or “the screen is cracked now, but all I did was sit on it.”

Maybe yngwie_69 should look up the definition of warranty. Here’s a hint. It doesn’t mean “Guarantee’d to be fixed no matter what you do to it.”


Are they able to tell if it was dropped on the hardwood floor and that the casing opened up about 1cm?  Can they tell that from looking at the internal parts?