Cannery Row Animal Shelter

My question is first of all , is this farce of an organization still going and if it is then who is in charge ? Who is the board ? are they elected , who the hell is in charge of the money collected by donation . I must question their purpose and who do they answer to .

I find it rather insulting, that you call it a farce of an organization. And I’m not even part of the organization.
They help animals in need. What is your issue with them?
I don’t see YOU taking in stray cats and paying out of pocket to nurse them to health…

Aren’t they mostly a group of crazy cat people?

The reason that I ask these questions is because , I heard that the person or original person who was heading it stepped out of her position , there is no place to house cats , I have asked about a board and got no answers . I know Kim is doing a wonderful job working with cats and assisting people in need . I just wonder where the dollars brought into Paws and Claws that there is a portion goes to Cannery Row . But where is it going if there is no such place anymore . I am not trying to cause trouble but want answers . Yes I am very involved with animals but I worry about places that may bite us re donations .

As far as I know, no one has stepped down from anything.

Well once again I am not asking , I have two cats of my own and I have been told that Alice had stepped down during the summer , that she lives in a trailer and there is no proper place to house these little guys . I know there are people in this town who step up for the cats and dogs , but my questions pertaining to donations I feel are fair questions . Is it not true to be an association one must have a society and if one wishes to know what the donations is being spent on . Where is the board , who do they answer to ? I do not go on sites which deal with little animals because it is very sad at times but I still wish to know some answers . I do know that Kim does a lot , my girlfriend is very involved and I am sure there are many more . I just wanted answers .

If you donate to Cannery Row thru City Hall you are issued a tax receipt so I don’t think there is anything shady going on.

But nobody can answer any of my questions , what do they do with donations , where are the cats being kept , who is the board or society ? I want to know where the money goes , who is keeping the stray cats . Is this lady Alice ? I know that Kim is and has been trying to meet the needs of those strays and she goes that extra mile . The Wild Life are busy busy and there are other individuals who are giving their best . But no one can answer or direct us to where they are being held , cared for once removed from the streets . Yes you can drop donations at city hall , then what ? When was the AGM meeting , who is Chair etc.

Jesus, why so nosey, they are a group of people who help stray cats. They have people fostering. You should knwo this, and if you don’t, why can’t you ask your girlfriend instead of coming on here and slamming them, essentially. They’re doign their best with what they have, which isn’t much.

Looking for answers is not slamming anyone . Nothing wrong with asking questions the problem is no answers to be had .

Yeah, man, quit asking reasonable questions. No record of how much money they take in or breakdown of how it’s spent - that’s an organization I can trust! As long as one cat gets fed, just look the other way.

But seriously , I am just asking questions with exactly what you just mentioned , we can ask these questions pertaining to city hall and other different groups who take donations , I believe that is how it works .

Why don’t you just NOT donate to them, then you won’t have to worry about it.

Now there is solution , I believe that is how do you say it COP OUT .

Justin Case is asking a reasonable question, not derision.

Every non-profit must report their incomes to the government and there should be access by the public to information.

Does anyone know where to find it?

Hope that helps Justin.

That is all that I have been asking for . Well whose in charge and the board . Simple questions .

Societies do not submit their financial statements to the Registrar. Some societies are “reporting” and some are “non-reporting”, but the difference is that the former must prepare audited financial statements while the latter must prepare statements but need not have them independently audited. The differences in these reporting standards are set out in sections 64 and 65 of the Society Act.

The public does have the right, though, to access a registered society’s financial statement. See 95(1) for details. Also see 95.1 for the procedures to be followed if the society fails or refuses to comply, in which case application can be made to the Registrar to issue an order. … #section95

Also, see this publication by the Registry which in the upper right provides an overview of the financial reporting requirements: … s/reg6.pdf

So where should I go to get the information that I am seeking ? It is very hard to do when no one seems to know who is in charge , who is running the place , who is chair , secretary and who is treasurer .

Go to Service BC, tell them that you want to do a corporate search, which will cost $10, if I recall (be precise about the society name or they may charge you for multiple searches; this office is less accommodating than others when doing searches). That should generate a report from the Registry giving the current officers and directors, the registered address where their records are kept, and whether they are in good standing.

Then write a letter to the registered address requesting a copy of their latest financial statement in accordance with section 95(3) of the Society Act. Send it by trackable mail, eg registered or Expresspost, so that you can show proof of service if needed. Address it to the Secretary.

If the society writes back and says that there is a fee, pay it if it is a reasonable amount. If you do not hear from them, or the fee seems unreasonable (the amount should be set in their bylaws), go back to Service BC and tell them that you want to talk to the corporate Registry about how to request an order under section 95.1 of the Society Act. They should direct you to one of their toll-free phones and call the appropriate number. You will want to keep copies of your letter to the society and evidence from the post office that you sent a letter to the society and they received it.

By my reading of the Act, if you are a member of the “public” and make the request in the appropriate manner and pay any fee that is charged, you are eligible to get a copy of their financial statement.