Cancer Cured - But Will It Ever Be Available To Us?

Status quo on the delivery. Nobody signing up to test it.

This is one place where all the money raised by all the cancer societies (movember, Breast Cancer, Canadian Cancer, etc…) should go. At least to verify the data and replicate the experiment. BigPharma companies are first and foremost companies; their bottom line isn’t health, it’s money.

Good idea. And I wonder if maybe Bill Gate’s is bored and looking for something to spend his money on…

Bill Gates is spending a heck of a lot of his money on proven treatments for third world diseases. Mosquito nets, vaccines, etc.

If there is a cure for cancer (which of the thousands of cancers are we talking about?), then you can bet some big corporation would want to bring it to market and make some real money.

Many cancers have very effective treatments, and have already been “cured.” I’m sure we all know some cancer survivors.

But just because someone has survived cancer, doesn’t mean it’s cured. They can, and do, come out of remission. My friends daughter fought cancer, three times, the last cancer, which was her demise, was caused by the treatment process from the other two cancers. So sad, she was only 16. They told her she was a survivor too. Well, until she went in for a routine treatment, and didn’t come out again.

The only people I know that had cancer died of it. One went into brief remission, the other didn’t get diagnosed in time for treatment. Both passed away within three years. Survival rate past five years is very unlikely even for survivors despite positive thought and reassurances of doctors.

It states which cancers they tested in the video clip. :smile:

The DCA drug is said to be extremely cheap, only pennies a dosage size hence the “big Pharma” pessimistic note. As to Bill, I was implying maybe his foundation might want to bring it to market under a humanitarian guise. :smile:

Let’s hope that the results of these new drugs are reproducible and well tested.

BC’s actually one of the better places for cancer survival: … vival.html

And the survival rates for some cancers are much higher than even a few years ago: … lstats.htm

Pancreatic Cancer has a 4% survival rate in 5 years in BC. That’s bad, but it’s probably better than most other places. Lung Cancer is also deadly, 15% survival rate. Hodgkin Lymphoma has a 96% survival rate. Prostate Cancer is also in the high 90s.

Obviously some cancers are more lethal than others. But part of the problem is that “cancer” isn’t one disease. Some cancers are easy to prevent (ie: immunization, don’t smoke, and wear sunscreen). Some aren’t. There isn’t a going to be a miracle pill that will handle all kinds of cancers.

In my family we take things day by day. My Mother has lived with ovarian cancer for a year; she is currently responding fairly well to her new chemotherapy regimen. The problem is when you’re in your 80s chemotherapy does not work as well. We are hopeful. Luckily my Mom lives in the lower mainland and she receives world class care at the BC Cancer Institute.

Theory From the third world… … ancer-plot

[quote=“mudduck9969”]Theory From the third world… … ancer-plot[/quote]

Chavez makes for an enjoyable read. Heh-heh. :smile:

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[quote]Thank you for contacting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dear __________

While we understand how important your request is on behalf of all people who face cancer either directly or indirectly, unfortunately, cancer research and treatment fall outside of our strategies for improving global health. We have chosen to focus our resources against some of the most underfunded and neglected diseases in developing countries.

If you would like to learn more about our Global Health initiatives, as well as view videos and photo galleries profiling the work of our grantees, please visit … egies.aspx.

On behalf of Mr. Gates and the entire foundation, please accept our very best wishes for the New Year.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Grantee & Public Communications [/quote]


Do you take issue with that response?

No, not at all. All have mandates and agendas and guidelines. :smile: