Can you guess how many studs are on this tricycle?

I saw him parked outside the Bank of Commerce in the 5 minute zone.  He must’ve been getting a loan because it was parked there for a good 35 minutes… long enough for me to run up to the office and grab my camera.

Can you guess how many studs are on this tricycle?  Don’t forget to count the studs on his helmet too.  Sure was neat seeing this one motor through town.

can you say HOT!!!
heheheh  :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Tooo many studs hehhe

Well, Since I have had to much time on my hands not being able to sleep tonight, I Counted every Single stud and “Stud looking” thing on that tricycle, and I got 402 on the pic…SOOO conclusion their is WAY more then 800 Stud’s on that baby  :smiley: :astonished:

The guy who drives this thing is disabled.  He used to ride a reg. motorcycle, but now with his disability has to use a trike.

it’s his hobby!

I think that this Tricycle is the wickedest idea ever. it’s a Heck of a lot safer, and Yea, that would be a kick ass hobby :smile: Kudos to whom ever owns it :smiley:

I don’t know if this is the owner, but he was the driver that day…

I believe that he lost his leg or legs through Diabetiese, bad spelling I know but that is what I heard and yes that is the owner. Nice piece of work for sure.

He just lost one leg ,He is my next door neighbor. He spends hours on the bike tinkering and cleaning after a ride.

I know I would  :sunglasses:

he is my uncle! he lost one leg, and his hobbies have been decorating his truck in the 80’s, his old motorcycle and now his trike! keeps him busy! lol