Can you do a couple clicks for me?

Yauch, could you guys please click on my WWW link down beside my PROFILE and PM buttons at the bottom of this post?

Then when you get to the website, click on the number that it asks you to click on.

eg. /-e-l-e-v-e-n-/ and then you pick 11

It’s for a lame game I’m playing. Thanks!

If it’s something like 7-N-I-N-E-} then you have to click on the 9, NOT the 7.

Here’s a copy to the link anyways: … 1100112257


GRRR!!! I got sucked in!!!

I clicked your number for you, but I didn’t sign up. What’s the goal in the game? Is it worth signing up for?

Yeah, you’ve gotta tell us about this game.

Heh, I don’t really know. I just started playing today.

What I gather is, you sign up, send the link to friends, they get you an army or two, which gets you more money, which gets you more power, and then ALL the ladies will probably want you.

Once you get enough money, you train your guys into troops, then you attack other people and get their money (and maybe other stuff too, I duno, I haven’t done it).

So feel free to sign up, then pass your link around, and you can get someone to click on your link once every 24 hours, so if you keep naggin’ people, you’ll keep getting more troops and more money.

Give it a whirl. I can’t promise it’ll be good, but I’m MAD addicted to games like this right now ( especially!)

Give LORD a go. It’s neat. My name’s Charlie Tuna.

Rainy day, all.

Thanks for checkin’ the link though!

Keep it up, and post yours if you join. This may turn into the craze of the weekend…


it says two i press to and it doesnt work I got band for 24 hours

You didn’t get banned, you did the right thing, it’s just that you can only do it once every 24 hours.

P.S. You all are welcome to click the link every 24 hours 8)

ok i will if i can

Ah thank you!

[quote]Not Found

The requested URL /recruit.php was not found on this server.[/quote]

I’d help if I could :confused:

god. not another one of these things. arrr
oh well, i will click it just for you, feel special.

Thanks guys!

It’s been 24 hours, so you all are welcome to click the link again 8) … 1100112257

You have around 183 dudes in your army now. Can you look at other people’s and see how many clicks they’ve got?

There I clicked it :wink:

sorry but My mother told me not to click things as you never now were its been. :unamused:

That damn thing is tricky.

You just got master-betad

I mean clicked…