Camping mattress

i’m in need of a camping mattress, preferably a foam one. so i was wondering about the best place to start looking for one?

MEC/Crappy tire.  Get one of the therma rests foam sucks for camping unless you’re in a camper.


unless you mean the blue foam they work but therma rests are actually comfortable.

Yeah, A therma rest is probably your best bet. It’ll for sure, keep you the warmest. Unless you’re going in a camper or something, then any old foam would do.
MEC is expensive, well it’s more expensive than Canadian tire I’m guessing. And you’ll have to order it. Their product is really good quality though. But the coleman ones are okay. You can get those from canadian tire.

I have one of those insulating foam pads, it’s like a half an inch thick and it’s so uncomfortable. But I used a friends therma rest once, and it was amazing. Go for one of those for sure

i forgot to mention that i wanted to buy one locally.

Farwest, assuming that they have their camping stock in. Zellers doesn’t stock that kind of stuff anymore. So your best bet is to go check out farwest and see what they can order in for you. They used to do alot of the camping gear and such, I don’t know if they still do.

good luck lol

Yeah I have my doubts you’ll find anything locally. 

There’s also Trayling’s tackle on 2nd Avenue West just down from Eddies and that other fishing supply store on Third can’t remember the name, they might have something since they have outdoors items, if not they might be able order something in for you. 

check the hbc catalogue at zellers or even online at the bay or zellers - they can ship it to the store here and save you shipping costs.