Camera Question

Hi to all Im looking at buying a new camera …canon rebel …not sure if I should get the 6 meg or the new 8 meg 6 meg is 400.00 difference. Mig you own a Canon rebel… should i just wait and get the 8 meg… thanks guys. :smiley:

Do you have any lenses already?

If not, look at the Nikon and the others too.

I don’t know about the new Rebel XT, but with the 300D Rebel, you can hack it with a customized firmware, and it then is significantly better than the 10D. A whole bunch of new options that didn’t exist before.

You might want to take a look at the Rebel XT’s features and compare them to the Rebel 300D with the Russian firmware, and see which is better.

Megapixel isn’t as important as the lenses. 6.7 (or whatever) is more than enough for large prints.

awsome thanks, i have read a few reviews… and
I like the 8 meg its smaller then the 6 meg cam, but i do look like the 6 meg couse it feels good in my hands just has a few less options. but i will check out other cameras i have no lenses.

Which options? The 300D is basically a 10D, with stuff disabled in the firmware. Using the Russian firmware, it actually has more options than the 10D.

So if there’s something the new Rebel has the the old one doesn’t, chances are that the firmware upgrade will have it (mirror lock up, flash compensation, etc).

Awsome thanks mig for the info…