Camera Club Meeting tonight

There’s a camera club meeting tonight at 7:30 in the library if anyone wants to attend it is open to the public. There’ll be a tutorial on shooting in RAW mode with your camera.

Will there be one next week? I would like to go to this week’s but I am at city council meeting tonight. Any help for better photos would be really helpful for me.

It’s only on the Second Monday of the month.
Then from there we do little field trips and stuff on a fairly regular basis.
Maybe we’ll see you next month though.

I guess with Earle and another leaving you’ll be one busy guy. I won’t reveal who the other is, we’ll see how the gossip flies. lol

Was that supposed to be a personal message? :wink:

Haha. One would think eh Mig. I just like to stir the pot.
jk. I just love all the rumours people post and thought I’d join in.
I’m not in the know like I used to be for some strange reason. … 189/ 

I’m almost considering buying one for giggles.

here’s a few cool pics 4 ya camera dudes … =524106976

very cool did you take those amazing pics?

Ron literally had the eagles eating off a fork in his hand. I heard about this shot earlier today.

Wow those are some amazing shots!