Calling all Disco Divas and dudes

If you’ve still got the moves to be a player, someone is ready to be a payer…

From the Canada Job Bank on line job search board from earlier today…

Job Number: 4216434
Title: Entertainer (Singer/Dancer/Performer) (NOC: 5232)
Terms of Employment: Permanent, Part Time leading Full Time, Night
Salary: To be negotiated
Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible
Location: Masset BC/ to Vancouver, British Columbia (4 vacancies )

Type of Performer: Impersonator

Type of Work Experience: Private functions, Special events, Theatre, Concerts, Night or stage clubs, Media production and recording studios, Local or regional locations, Dance parties/clubs, Casinos, Restaurants

Essential Skills: Reading text, Document use, Oral communication, Working with others, Decision making, Critical thinking, Job task planning and organizing, Significant use of memory, Computer use, Continuous learning

Other Information:Applicants must be able to sing/harmonize 70’s Disco type songs while dancing choreographed dancing. Must be willing to relocate and perform in part on the Queen Charlotte Islands and Canada

Can only imagine that if you have and inner donna Summer or some ready to jump out Bee Gee in you, this could be your ticket to the big time, or a distant relative of it… :smiley:

I don’t know where you get that shit but I would send it to Leno or Lettermen.

Thats funny bro…
I wonder what MS Marshall is up to over there…must have some big plans for the pub!!!
She has come along way from the pioneer rooms!!!
Actually I was over there in September and she definetly recognized me from her substitute teaching days in the low eighties…!!!