Cable tv

Hey all, anyone have any updates on local cable outage? No cable since Thursday Oct. 6. On CityWest site they said that problem was caused by software glitch on Anik F2 satellite. No real word on when channels would be up and running. Info appreciated.

My cable is working just fine…at least by Citywest standards! :smiley: I do lose the sound occasionally for a split second but it comes back right away. Other that than its working fine.

Thanks Hoser must be problem with my feed. Checked with neighbours and theirs is fine. My bad luck.

Yeah, my cable is fine too. Although sometimes when I’m up in the middle of the night, it will cut out for a few seconds, or until I change the channel. The picture will freeze sometimes. Other times, the cable box shuts off completely.

I had citywest “hit” my cable box from their end when unplugging it didn’t help and then had them re-initialize it after their upgrade. That helped me and it may be something that needs to be done for you.

I was under the impression it was only the digital cable affected, but I moved into a new place before the 1st and no regular cable service yet…citywest tells me that their guys were around and turned it on so it must be a faulty jack on my end…uuuhhuh tried 2 TV’s two different jacks and still no cable. Is anyone who has regular cable service having the same problem?