Cable Signal..Off air!

Intermittently during the last week, my TV cable signal has been “temporarily off air” or freezes! Anyone else having this problem, happening again now, all channels “temporarily off air” What is Citywest up to now?

There was a power outage in the downtown core earlier today. That may be related to your issue.

Thanks “hitest” but it has been happening for couple of days now, have tried to get through to tech. dept. but lines are jammed! Oh well !

This is turning into a real Dog and Pony Show , for us common folk who can only afford regular cable . I am tired of the freeze frame on all channels and then getting told that it is off the air and try again later . Get your shit together please myself and many others are getting real tired of this shit .

I was a cable user years ago when the company was Skeena Cable. I dumped cable and went to Star Choice, now Shaw. Our outages are infrequent. Satellite is not as inexpensive as it once was.

The problem is actually with your receiver. It happened to me last night and several times in the past. To fix, you must power off your receiver for 30 seconds or so then power it back up. By power down I mean disconnect it from wall plug. Simply turning off and on with your remote will do nothing. The receiver re-boots and loads up the guide. After that all is fine.

Um, hate to break it to you Justin, but we pay for the digital cable, and it has been freezing lately too. It’s not just regular cable.

I have digital cable as well and my signal went off about 5:50 PM.
All channels out. Only off for a few minuets. Made me miss
the end of ‘Fools and Horses’ on Vision TV.

I am beginning to wonder as regarding the above program: Which one are we?

Finally got through to a nice customer service fella at Citywest after a few hours, had to try from their end, no luck and yep, unplug a couple of times and all is fine now! Said they were having major problems all over town! Strange as I unplugged it last night for the required 30 seconds and no luck! Mine was off today for a few hours, I guess, but last night for only few minutes.

yep digital was freezing all week for me, right after lights flickered for just a second. so I would assume it has something to do with that

Same things was happening in Terrace - so not just a Rupert problem - and it killed internet and home phone delivered over the cable system. Major screw up I would say … why can’t they just post something on their website explaining the problems.

That just foolish! A Communication company, communicating with its customers (and shareholders)

funny thing is if you called their help line and talked to the tech they have no back up power that is why it went off air, screwed up their system and only the small digital box not the HD box