Cable Internet


I’ve got premium ADSL with CityWest.  When I’m connected the speed is acceptable.  There is a noticeable slow down in peak hours.
I have a question about CityWest cable Internet service.
Is the Internet connection stable with cable Internet?  I sometimes lose my connection with ADSL.
Thank you.


I’ve had cable internet for the past two weeks or so and it is noticeably faster and I haven’t lost my connection at all.  Plus, its $15 cheaper per month if you buy the modem.

Can anyone switch over from DSL to Cable??

Thanks for the reply, Hoser:-)  Good to know!

I believe they are encouraging people to switch to cable as they just upgraded their equipment.  Actually, they aren’t even selling residential DSL anymore…at least that is what they told me.

im staying on dsl as it’ll stay unlimited downloads. i dont game st surf and download so ideal for me

I have had cable internet since January, special connection deal for 6 months if I bought the modem…It has been $10.00 monthly but will increase to almost $40.00.  I do not think it is that fast, in fact it has been annoyingly slow for the last couple of weeks but all in all, not bad…

Thanks for the feedback, codybear933.  I would be happy if it has speed comparable to ADSL with perhaps a bit more connectivity.