Buying local in Rupert

You know it’s interesting to talk about greed and say that some people in town got too rich because they owned the businesses and prevented some chains to settle in Rupert.  However, don’t you think it’s better in the long run to have local people getting richer than having some corporation with hq in Toronto or somewhere else rake in the local money?  I think local is better despite the element of greed evident when the price of goods at the local stores is highly inflated compared to other places.  I think that’s what gets people going to Terrace.
Drive across the country and you will realize that most towns the size of Prince Rupert all look similar with their stripmalls and franchise stores near the highway.  Anytown, Canada has its Canadian Tire, Tim’s, Boston Pizza, Fast food joints, Futureshop, Winners, Sportek and so on.  Prince Rupert is different.  However, it seems this will change. 

Yes, to an extent, you’re right, BigThumb.  Certainly when it comes to restaurants and those kinds of businesses.  The local stores are best.

But let’s take computer stores, or any other “buy this item made in China” store.  The widget store. The local people get rich selling these widgets, and the corporation in Toronto or Vancouver also gets rich by selling the widget to the local store who sells it to you.

Is it ok for a Rupert business to charge twice as much as a Vancouver store for the same made-in-China widget?  You’re basically paying the local store money for them to order it from Vancouver for you and add their profit margin on it.

What’s worse is when you go to a local widget store and they don’t have what you want, but tell you they can order it for you.  Yup, I can order it too, and for a lot less money. 

So it’s not a “local profit” or “Toronto profit” choice.  With widget stores, there’s always a Toronto (or Shanghai or New York) profit.  The question is how much more a local shopper should be expected to pay for a widget just because they don’t live in Vancouver?

Mig hits the nail right on the head. Yes I would rather local people make the money. Unfortunately by keeping out competition they made that money on the backs of the local consumers. Prince Rupert is over priced and under stocked. That may have worked all those years ago, but like it or not we now live in a global economy. I can order items and get it here faster and cheaper than the local home grown retailer. Some times I’m willing to do that to support local business. I say some times because very few local businesses go out of their way to earn my loyalty.

Certain stores we depend on have grown fat and lazy and I for one will be glad to see competition come our way.


That being said, there are certain widgets that I always buy in Rupert.  Often the local guy can match or beat the Vancouver price.  Or they have something that makes up for the different in price (good service, good warranty, etc.)

But when the cost of a widget is more than 10% (+ shipping) of the cost of the widget in Vancouver, then it doesn’t make sense to buy it locally, does it?  Especially if the local guy isn’t even trying to earn your business.

Let’s take the example of a rechargeable battery for a certain gadget of mine.  Local price:  $98.00 + taxes.  Vancouver price, delivered:  $34.00 + taxes.  Does it make sense to buy it locally?  No, especially since the local guy doesn’t have it in stock, and would have to order it anyway.  If he had it in stock, and it was $50.00 + taxes, maybe I’d buy it.

I buy locally from one widget store even if the item in question is a bit over priced.  Awhile ago I had a CD burner fail on me that I bought from the store and it was only six months old.  I couldn’t find the original receipt for the item.  The store replaced the burner even though I had no proof of sale.
However, I usually find that Mike is correct, that is, local stores do not go out of their way to encourage me to buy widgets. 

I think everything that you guys say is absolutely correct.  Shopping online is here to stay, especially with widgets.  I was just pondering about the way the chains took over the canadian landscape and how Prince Rupert, as I remember it, was totally different.  Could be a good or a bad thing depending on what you want to buy.  I also think that the element of greed in local business owners became to prevalent and that is why people weren’t happy with them and chose to shop somewhere else with the effect of getting less people involved in the local economy.

I remember getting into trouble from Mike at Creative when i worked there for buying other places. It was not god of me but when the EXACT same product from ncix was 90$ish cheaper can you blame me. Mikes reply was well if you get it from us all you have to do is the RMA your self. HEH i had to do that any ways if i bought from other places so i saw no need to order from the store i worked at.

The other computer store both mac and pc stores i have worked at i ordered all my stuff through work.

Any ways that is just me rambling :smile:

Merry Christmas every one :smiley:

Merry Christmas to you too, man! :smiley:

whaoh! I let our people buy for $5 over wholesale, long as it’s tagged on another order.