Buying an Iphone help

I’m trying to buy an iPhone online as the plan and options I want are not offered at East Wind.

  I’m not sure if I want a business plan even though I’m self-employed and the purpose of the phone is for work. It seems to me there is way more flexibility that route but the business plan offered from staff at EW and whats available online don’t mesh.The only knowledgeable staff member on business plans is currently away they said.

On the drop down list of “where you’ll be making most of your calls”  on the Rogers site, Prince Rupert, Terrace or Port Ed are not even listed but Vanderhoof and other Bc places are?

The staff at EW said they offer the same as whats on the Rogers site but they don’t even know all that is available and asked me to come back Thursday when the someone who does business sales can help as they do mostly personal stuff.

I am so frustrated with this. The booklet describing plan options I picked up from the store is outdated even though I got it  a week ago. They then gave me a new one and then the plan options on the rogers site are completely different. Why is it so complicated to buy a phone and appropriate plan?

I’m so frustrated. Mig will you take me phone shopping?

Have you called Rogers?

I bought mine in Newfoundland.  Just picked the plan I wanted and told them that’s what I wanted, and asked for a 250-600-xxxx number.

Does the plan you want exist online?  If so, just call them up and ask for it.

Mig, you should start a company doing this!

Just be careful if you live near Charles hays, haha! I have to stand outside holding the phone in the air to get 1 bar of signal and even then the chances that it drops me are like 1 in 3… not very good odds in my favor.

But hey, Rogers says that everything is working as intended. So I haven’t paid my bill in a little while, and when they call me to ask me where it is, I hope to get the chance to say that I send the money and that everything is working as intended.

Oh great I am moving to a place on Prince Rupert Blvd. just past Charles Hays. Why is that area a problem?

If went seeking that answer, but as I said, I was given a “everything is working as intended” style of response from Rogers.

My guestimation is that it is due to Roger’s tower being on the other side of the mountain and we are in close proximity to that mountain on Raven Crescent etc… so maybe the signal is having troubles with our area… I don’t know alas.

All I know is that at random intervals of the day as I leave the house I am flooded with texts/missed calls/voicemails, as a result of people trying to get ahold of me and my phone having “No Service” in the top left of the Iphone. Boo :frowning:

Hey technophobe, can you see any of the towers from your place?  There’s one on the mountain, digby towers, highway, etc.  I have 5 bars in my basement, but I hear the service isn’t so great if you can’t see one of towers.

Maybe borrow a Citywest and Rogers phone to see what the service is like at you place before you buy a phone.

Well, if either of you are near the oasis apartments can you let me know how your iPhones work? I’m holding off now until I get a better idea. I need the phone for work and I work from home a lot so that would be seriously problematic.

Hey is it the Rogers network in that area or is the Iphone on the rogers network in that area?

Next I drive by there I will let you know.

It’s not the iPhone – any phone on the Rogers network would need to be able to “see” the tower. There are places in town where Citywest service is better than Rogers and vice-versa. Like if you go to the Gun Club or Oliver Lake a lot, you’ll probably notice that Citywest goes to Analog (well maybe not anymore now that they have turned off analog).

You want to borrow a couple of phones (Citywest and Rogers) and check it out before buying.

I just bought a new bell i phone  when i was in metrotown! It works great i cancelled my rogers contract as they are still behind on there shipments since july for the i phone just terrible service. Plus bell just upgraded there whole sysyem for 2010 and have now even a  bigger coverage area and faster  service then rogers!

The only thing i have a problem is picking up wi fi signal it always has the user locked so i cant use it.

Does the Bell iPhone work in Rupert?

Of course it does was just using it now, citywest uses bell. But my bill comes from bell not citywest!

So Citywest has GSM / HSPA service?

What does it say in the top left corner?  3G?  Edge?

According to this page:
Citywest doesn’t do HSPA or GSM.  Has this changed?  Are you roaming on Rogers? 

It says bell 3g works just fine!

Ok so why has everyone said nortwestel and Citywest aren’t doing HSPA?

Does this mean that’s not true?

Can you do a screenshot of your network selection screen?

Well I just checked and network 302880 shows up as well as Rogers. I assume that’s Bell. That means you’re right and Telus and Bell iphones should work great in Rupert. 

Sucks to be one of those poor schmucks who was sold a Palm Pre or older CDMA Blackberry on a contract. 

If this thread is accurate, then Citywest has HSPA service in Rupert now?  You could have gotten an iPhone or newer Blackberry instead of being stuck with a much slower CDMA 1X connection.