Butze Viewpoint

While driving to Ridley today I noticed the Butze viewpoint was barricaded and marked with road closed signs. I also noticed two RCMP vehicles in the viewpoint and a couple of members standing around.  Does anyone know what was happening out there? 

Found items of interest that can take or make big explosives, for real. Bringing in dogs I believe.

is that aall anyone knows ? :confused: please tell me more  :astonished:

Was it stuff that was dumped?  Is there a terrorist cell lurking? 

From what I have heard, RCMP were investigating a cache of Dynmitte <<<<<<  bad spelling so anyway they are bringing in the dogs from Vancouver. Where they found it ? No idea. So now you know this part of the story.

hm interesting. i wonder why out there,
does anyone perhaps know when the trail will be open :smiley:

the scanner stated that thy were going to dispose of the stuff and if bangs or explosions were reported it was just them that’s all i heard

makes sense it was stolen across the street when they were blasting the road to make the cell tower, maybe it was stolen?  and was not reported…who knows… or maybe its old Dynamite, back in the 80’s a bunch of us found a box of  Dynamite, that was sweating in an old mine shaft in the QCI…

well honestly i have no idea why someone in their right mind would steal something like that.  :astonished: Although this does shock me ! Would anyone know when the trail will be availale to enter. & can somebody tell me if they know if the police or barracades are out there.?

To blow shit up?

well thank you for that althought that is ovbious it is just something stupid !
i was just asking.  :angry:

welll i would just like to know since i am a curious on-looker does anyone know if it is still closed or when it will reopen?

Why don’t you go check it out for yourself?

because my vehicle isnt in best shape right now . :unamused:

I just drove by and the barracades are down.

I recall a construction company used to have a explosive storage shed in that area just down from the viewpoint. Maybe it has something to do with that?