Butze Trail and dogs

Is it just me or there’s quite a few dogs pooping on the trail lately? I had to avoid at least 3 big logs (no, not the trees) this Saturday… Maybe I should walk with my head up?

Also, anybody else had encounters with mildly or pretty aggressive unleashed dogs (barking and circling you) while the owner thinks it’s either funny or not a big deal? Just wondering because it seems that every time I go, I get at least one or two of those…

It’s not just you. People are ignorant but it’s never their dog. I don’t take my dog to Butze anymore because people’s “friendly” dogs are too aggressive for my little dog.

You have to walk or run Butze with your head down or you run the risk of messing your shoes and eventually your vehicle. People say that their dog never shits on the trail but how do they actually know when their dog is a half mile ahead of them? It really is a shame that people are so ignorant especially with how many young children use the trail.

I hope karma catches up with them and they step in dogs sh!t!!

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Thought dogs are not allowed on the Butze Trails due to wolf danger.

From what I read on the board at the trail, it’s not required by law or enforced as such, it’s just a safety tip: “Do not let pet off their leash, or better yet, leave them at home”. It is certainly not enforced.

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I carry a golf club shaft with the head removed and wrapped in hockey tape. It crates a ‘zinger’ when you give them a sharp tap to their body. Never have to apply that tactic to a properly leashed doggie. As for the poop that isn’t picked up, it just goes to show that IQ tests should be mandatory for dog ownership.

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So you’re saying you beat other peoples dogs with the shaft of a golf club if they come near you? Pretty sure that’s animal cruelty. And pretty sure if you ever touched my dog with your fucking shaft, you’d have it up your ass before you knew it.

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Thats a little kinky

Intelligence doesn’t have anything to do with how considerate you are. You can be a smart asshole and let your dog shit everywhere.