Busted suck dont try sticking up for them

they trully do and there cousins mcfly oh my god there really bad

Mcfly? like marty mcfly from back to the future???

Man classic shows, i remember when i was in Nanaimo visiting my grandmother in the hospital id stay all night and i went into this lounge and put on Back to the future… man they had all of them! lol so i watched all of them back to back… rad series!

lol yer they were great films but i thingk the thing that made them go down hill is that they were on like every christmas

oh i forgot you wouldnt of heard them there british and most of you are from canada

Busted sing one of my favourite songs to sing along to: Sleeping With The Light On.

never heard of em…

:open_mouth: you are joking they totally suck the have to be the worst of the worst

nooppe not jokin no clue who they are…

kingjay, it’s a good thing people haven’t heard of em.

Only people with really crappy tastes in music like me have heard of them, and even like them. I think more people might have heard of What I Go To School For… it’s about a kid who goes to school just to see his hot teacher.

haha that bad eh?

yer there are bad but as they are british and are on tv alot, its hard not to know who they are.

Unless you aren’t from the UK.

you got it in one
if you haven’t heard them your not missing much