Bush's new Iraq plan

So if plan A isn’t working do plan B:Â Â add more troops and billions more dollars. Hmmm, interesting. Something is not right here.Â

cbc.ca/world/story/2007/01/1 … setup.html

Bush is nuts… no time for the goof… thank god only one year left of his crap… :confused:

Don’t worry guys,  he’ll set everything right during his controversial third and fourth terms.

Bush having one little bit left of his term could be a lifetime for his Fellow Americans and the idiots who got him in there in the first place . Dick and Rummy can carry on making their bucks on other nation’s bad luck . Laura will be the big loser because she will be stuck with him for the rest of her days. Maybe she can teach him how to read so he might learn about reality and other fellow humans that he has destroyed in his Playland called the White House which will always be stained with blood .

He’s proving to be the modern Richard Nixon by proposing a minor draft operation, and enjoying war-mongering. You never know, he might be part of a second watergate scandal and rip off the Democrats again.

Sorry, second post

His crap doesn’t affect Canada as much as it does the U.S.A., obviously. We might see more of his crap coming in higher degrees soon enough.

The election is in November of 08…that’s almost two years from now.  Egad.

Like I said, he might cause a scandal. He could also get impeached for some stupid thing he’d most likely do.

I was Deep Throat.

I wonder if anybody will vote for Iraq Hussein Osama?  Dude is one of the most promising candidates the Democrats have had since JFK, and he has to have a name that rhymes with Iraq Hussein Osama? 

Clinton-Obama on the ticket. Time to see what they’re made of. If they can’t elect a woman/coloured combo, they’re not ready to be let into civilisation.
If they can, we’ll applaud them.

I think a Clinton-Obama ticket would be awesome!  I wonder if the American heartland would vote for a female-black ticket.  I think both Clinton and Obama would be awesome presidents.  But, would the population vote for them?

So, Bush asks the American public to give his new Iraq strategy “a chance to work”.  But that’s okay because Bush isn’t looking to makes friends as the below short text from the Democracy Now Website shows:
“Bush’s Approval Rating Drops Ahead of State of Union
New opinion polls show that President Bush’s approval rating has dropped to a new low of thirty-three percent just ahead of tonight"s State of the Union address. Only twice in the past six decades has a president delivered the state of the union in a weaker condition in the polls – Harry Truman in 1952 and Richard Nixon in 1974.”

Not going to happen any time soon.  Clinton "leaked’ the false information about Obama attending a terrorist training camp.

Ouch!  Whoa, that’s some nasty gutter politics happening there.  Clinton is certainly mean enough to be president. 
If Clinton gets the nod I don’t like her chances.  I’d like to see Biden as the democratic nominee for president.

Gore-Obama…Hillary is a devisive warmonger :astonished:

If supidity was a religion, then Bush would be Jesus Christ!

The little weasel will be on a continual request for just ‘one more change’ until the end of his term, I’m sure.  Its not the money cost factor that bothers, but the lives of both his troupes and the innocent civilians in Iraq.  If I were to create a “TIME” magazine, it would have a picture of the White House broken in two with the caption, “A Nation Under Fire, At the Hands of a Dictator” because to me, thats exactly what is happening south of the border.

Praise the Lord!  :smiley:

[quote]National Post - 6 hours ago
On a bipartisan vote of 12-9, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution expressing clear disapproval of Bush’s Iraq policy, a day after he asked Congress to give it more time to work.

canada.com/nationalpost/stor … 10e189&k=0