Burning Problem

I Have A Stack Of 100 Memorex 16X Blank Dvd-Rs And When I Go To Burn A Movie It Says Please Insert Media When I Have A Blank DVD In The Burner Already Was Wondering If Anybody Could Help Me Out Here? Would Be Greatly Appreciated Thx

A friend of mine had a couple stacks of Memorex DVD’s that wouldn’t work in her machine, neither. Memorex used to be a good brand.
Good Luck

A couple of things come to mind. It may be that the stack of blank DVDs are incompatible with your burner. Can you burn a DVD with a different burner? The DVDs may be faulty. There may be a problem with your burner. I recently bought a stack of Verbatim DVDs that my DVD burner cannot read. However, the blank Verbatim DVDs can be burned using a USB DVD burner.

Memorex was shit back in the audio cassette days. When floppies were around theirs were the most prone to failure. They probably still have bad standards, but the brand name is just the damn packaging.

But no way a whole stack will be bad.
Put the DVD in before you start the program.
Check your burner program settings.
Turn your burn speed down to 8X or something.

Used to get lots of people insisting their CDRs were ‘no good’ the program said they needed CDRW. They were all doing it wrong.

Remember the good ole days when DVD-Rs wouldn’t work in DVD+R drives? That might be going on too.

well when i load a blank dvd-r into the burner and open my computer and go to the burning drive it wont show theres a disc in there even if i open a burning program (nero) it wont show theres a blank disc in the drive when there actually is i was wanderin if anyone could help me with this problem? if u can thanks for the help :smiley:

Have you tried a different blank disc brand?..borrow one, maybe. Does it read discs that are already recorded? Have you tried blank CD’s and see if they are recognized?

used my little brothers computer to see if it worked and it did but wont read on mine

the discs seem to read on diff computers :\

then they arn’t supported on your drive.

I have that problem on one of my PCs as well. The way I got around it was to hook up a different burner to my unit (USB burner). Now I can burn DVDs. Some DVDs are incompatible with some burners.

If you have a tower a new burner costs less than a 50 pk of CDs these days.
There’s also the odd problem of OEM software. Sometimes the software bundled for LGs won’t work with a LiteOn or Samsung burner, etc.

Wheres A Good Place Too Get A Burner Or Can I Even Get One In Rupert?

The Source in Rupert, or Best Buy if you want to pay less for better stuff and don’t mind waiting for a few days:

bestbuy.ca/en-CA/category/op … 41b03aen01

source only has usb lol should have been a little more specific but i think i’ll check out Best Buy N See What I Can Find There :smiley:

It’s like $50 for an internal DVD Burner (Asus) from DataBoy