Buns Rush Harper

Did anyone have the guts to tell this idiot to shut the fuck up in his performance yesterday , doing Stones and Beatles songs. This guy is a real standup idiot no matter which way you look at him.

Tough crowd, the guy can’t even play the piano without getting all the hate. Guess you won’t be buying tickets when he goes on tour!

Yeah I seriously would not consider wasting time to hear or see what he did for his Christmas Party. He really thought that he was hot shit up there on the stage , a real Bossman he is. But the way he has been hitting the circuit around the world , I guess to him the world is a stage.

He can’t even play piano for his own party for fun?

If he goes sledding with his kids, are you gonna suggest we “buns rush” him then, too?

For someone who so clearly has a high opinion of himself, I’m not sure you should be calling someone out for thinking they’re hot shit. I remember one time on HTMF you commented on your own letter to the Daily News in third person and gave yourself praise. That is some very hot shit–but probably not worth any buns rushing.

He’s an idiot for relaxing and having some fun?
Surely you have something more important to complain about?

No problem with it in theory, but it does smell a litte like Nero fiddling while Rome burns, or Marie Anoinette saying, “Let them eat cake.”

Just sayin’.