Build a hackintosh on the cheap

Here’s a great how to guide for building a snow leopard hackintosh from scratch.
Save your money and have great performance for roughly half the cost of a Mac Pro. … -to-finish

happy hacking :wink:


Edit: It’s awesome because it’s a good guide and a fun bit of DIY, but I don’t think anyone should think of it as a way to build yourself a really cheap Apple computer. If there aren’t any OSX specific applications that you need, and you want to do it on the cheap,  you might as well spend half as much on the computer and use any of mainstream linux distributions. That said, what makes a true hacker a hacker is the curiousity, the because-it’s-there mentality, which this sort of project has in droves and is laudable.

yes I agree, Eso. I didn’t mean to infer that this would be a “real” mac, but just like you said, it looks like a cool project for those that are technically inclined to try something of this sort.

Ahh, its nice to see order in the universe, and common sense float to the surface once in a while. :smile:

I actually did the 10.4 in VMware hack a couple of months ago just to see how stable it was. I was very surprised to see how well it worked, looked, and performed. There was even some hacked BSD-ish VMware tools for network and video which were as good as any of the *nix tools.

In the end though I failed to see the appeal for an apple any more. They make very nice equipment across their entire product line, but the cost differential just doesn’t make sense. There used to be real technical reasons to go apple, but those have all dissappeared. I think the technical folks migrated to *nix or MS as its become more stable.

The only thing I will give apple today, their Mac vs PC ads. Besides being based on a circa windows 98 finger pointing, the unwashed masses have a long memory and apple is just killing with these ads. At least MS is taking a bit of a high road (which is hard for them) by not trying to battle it out.

They should stick to things that they make very well, phones, music players, and some sort of internet/phone appliance that will be their iphone on steroids.


You don’t need to use Linux to have a computer that is secure and runs well.  You can use Windows and have an ounce of intelligence. 

You bring up an excellent point.  Windows can be hardened to make it more secure.  The end user is a critical component in system security.

Windows HAS responded, by claiming the CHEAP market. Like the last round where they send people out with less to spend than the lowest price Macbook.
MSoft’s still marketing by duping people. You want better than a Macbook? You’re going to have to spend almost as much to come close to the specs and build quality, and you’re going to cripple it with Vista.
And I’m afraid the only way to harden Windows is to kill 90% of their users. You can’t educate them. Lord knows, I been trying for 12 years. Log in, watch the hourglass or spinning blue circle for another two minutes and zap there’s Messenger taking up the whole fucking screen cuz they haven’t even discovered how to use a menu yet. THen watch it for another three minutes while Norton fires up, cuz even if they’ve been talked into using a decent AV they’re too dumb to uninstall Norton.

LMAO…sad, but, true:-)

The ole lady was in Penningtons yesterday and I spent an hour and a half at Staples poking around. I was thinking I should get a Vista laptop with the Windows7 upgrade option, the staff could use it to learn, we could upgrade something later for a leg up on 7, and WTF I have this company $2000 Staples Card…
So 90 minutes later I found nothing under a grand that ran better than 2 Ghz. Found squat that matched a 2.5GHz Macbook at all.
Found a huge display for the AsusEEE 1000 with nothing to display or sell (surprise!!!)
Found a Brother labeller in the discount bin for $49 and 2 better new models for $34.99 on the shelf.
Found myself alone with sales staff hiding for the entire 90 minutes.
Found Staples Prince George once again the candidate for the most useless, poorly run store in the chain.
BTW the 11.6" AspireOne was also $200 cheaper at Future Shop even though the huge sign at Staples AspireOne display said “We will not be undersold”…

LMAO!  Nice,

What I think is funny is how I can hit every major store in PG and all I managed to do was convince myself to price out and grab the best electric razor for me.
80% of my time was waiting for her to come back with stuff like a bra box. Who the hell ever even heard of a bra box? It’s a cardboard thing with 9 slots to store your bras in. For $20.
And stinky candles and gibbly picture frames and shit that no man would even look at that picked her time away and her wallet down to $0.00.

I swear I want to open “The Man Store” in a Mall somewhere and fill it with shit guys can look at and pick up and convince themselves to buy just cuz they’re killing time while the old lady’s buying useless shit, so why shouldn’t they too?
Sort of an all-in-one FutureShop/Princess Auto. Aisle 12: Greasy things that make your hands dirty. Aisle 24: Board games you can beat a woman at Aisle 6: things that make or fill holes Aisle 19: Things that make a LOT of noise

That’s hilarious…good one!!!

Of course another option is for every mall to have a bar. It would limit shopping time to 2 drinks (based on weight) or she’ll have to drive…and of course that would have to be entrenched into the constitution.
Damn near sounds like a new thread happening here…

Speaking about the thread, I’d like to make a Hackinstosh Netbook, but AFAIK no one’s ever got the netbook wireless thing figured out yet…

I have no problems with Vista.

Try it on a Netbook with 1GB and an Atom processor.
You will. :smiley:

vista = GAY!

I found your problem.