Brushing your teeth?

Continous small Circular motions over all teeth.

Start with bristles on Gingiva and Roll the brush away from the gums.

Modified Bass§
Angle bristles at 45 degrees towards the root of the teeth, apply gentle pressure and vibrate brush in a back-and-forth motion.

Modified Stillman?
Angle brush with significant pressure against the root of the tooth while contacting the gingiva.  Simultaneous Roll brush away from the gums while vibrating back-and-forth.

Good poll!

wheres the option for using your finger?

Modified Bass (if that’s what it’s called, cool!) ftw.

use neithe metho have fase teeth lol :stuck_out_tongue: :imp:

I use a combo of all of the above.  There are toooo many nooks and crannies not to.

If you haven’t tried using an electric toothbrush yet… I strongly recommend it.  It’s sooooo much easier to use, and your gums will thank you for not scrubbing  the shit out of them.

Only one method is necessary…

There is indeed a Right and a Wrong with regards to the options listed on the poll…

Scrub* WRONG Except for kids
This method is designed for children only, as they have little dexterity.

Despite its great degree of ineffectiveness, maybe people believe (and are taught by the media and dentists) that this method will promote rejuvination of the gingiva.  Quite the contrary.  It has little effect on cleaning the Gingival margin, thus leaving acid-producing bacteria wedged around the gum-line, eliminating any chance of renewal, but rather increasing the chance of gingival recession.

Modified Bass§ WINNER
The High Five of Tooth Brushing!  Proven most effective method of brushing one’s teeth.  Høg fem över allt!

Modified Stillman? ULTRA WRONG
Not only the most difficult to master, but also very ineffective.  This was one of the first methods ever taugh, but has been discontinued for many a decade.

cool thread Chuck T

i hate electric toothbrushes, why can we have electric toothbrushes but not electric cars ? ?