Bruises By Chairlift

I just want to go out and Buy a new one… :smiley:

The new apples of iPod’s eye…cool song!

They are pretty damn sweet…hubby had to buy some for work and I was playing around with one after we’d set them up, marvelling at how smooth and slick everything was compared to my two year old Nano. Sadly the store only had the silver and pink ones in stock so the rainbow effect was sadly lacking but when mine dies, I’m looking at the red one with huge interest.


I must admit I dont understand this facination with all things mac, its just rotting fruit to me.  :imp:

Nice troll!

P.S. It’s spelled fascination :wink:

If it helps, I like the music. Is it Broken Social Sceen? 

You know, I probably would not have miss spelled fascination if I had a mac.  :wink: lol